Pool Table Moving in Montreal

Pool Table Moving
Demenaris is a well-known moving company in the world of movers for its professionalism and its high efficiency. Besides residential and commercial moves, we can also take care of moving heavy or fragile equipment. A pool table is a perfect example of those articles that are excessively complex to move because of their size, their weight and their fragility.

Moving a pool table is a very complex task, be it to simply move it around in the same room, to move it to another floor or to another building.

If we talk about a change of building, it then doesn’t matter if it’s a local or a long-distance move. Our services also cover the delivery of your brand-new pool table from the store to your residence, to your office or your commercial establishment.

Demenaris is the perfect solution for the pool table moving and installation in Montreal, on the South Shore, on the North Shore  or in the Laurentians.

Our crew of professional pool table movers and assemblers, who has already moved all types of pool tables, will take care of it without you having to worry or even do anything.

What Does A Pool Table Moving and Installation Service Include?

The pool table moving and installation services cover all aspects related to moving a pool table between two locations: from home to home or from store to home, for example:

What Are the Steps For A Pool Table Moving Service?

Let’s start by mentioning that you can use our pool table movers’ services for all types of movements of your pool table.

We can pick it up at the store and deliver it to your home, office or any other location of your choice.

If you are redecorating or reorganizing your layout, we can move your pool table to another room or another floor.

A pool table is very heavy and very fragile equipment at the same time. If you decide to carry out the pool table moving operation on your own, the first risk you run is to hurt yourself.

By forcing too much or forcing incorrectly, you can easily inflict severe injuries on yourself that could cause absence from work, and therefore loss of income.

The second risk is damaging your pool table.

If you were to drop it by losing your grip, you could cause hundreds of dollars in damage, plus additional transportation costs between your home and the repair shop.

Entrusting the moving/relocation of your pool table is a wise decision that will save you a lot of trouble.

Our pool table moving company in Montreal can take care of moving or relocating all types of similar gaming tables:

Pool Table Moving

To move these objects which are at the same time heavy, bulky and fragile, it is important to use the right techniques and the right equipment, and to follow certain steps, in the right sequence:

Pool Table Moving

All of these steps are performed by our professional pool table movers, who have many years of experience with such moves.

Change of Pool Table Cloth: Our Specialty!

A pool table move is a great time to change the cloth as it has to be dismantled to be moved, anyway.

But you may also need to change your pool table cloth at other times, such as following an accident or simply because your current one is too worn out.

To replace a pool table cloth, you need to partially disassemble the table and then reassemble it after the operation.

Installing a new cloth is a highly complex task, because besides having to partially disassemble your pool table, you also need to know how to position the cloth and stretch it the right way to ensure a perfect roll, but without tearing the cloth.

Demenaris has pool table moving experts to change the cloth on your pool table, but also to replace any other component (such as rails or slate) to upgrade or simply maintain your pool table so it can continue to give you hours of enjoyment.

Whatever your needs related to your gaming tables, do not hesitate to contact us for a free quote, and we will make sure you are as satisfied as possible.

What Budget to Plan for A Pool Table Moving?

A pool table moving job is complex and the object itself has a great value, however our top pool table moving company always offers you excellent prices for all its quality services.

How Much Does It Cost to Move A Pool Table in Montreal?

The price of a pool table moving service depends on several factors, including: the size and weight of the table in question, the complexity of the transit to the truck (stairs, tight spaces, etc.), and, of course, the distance to be covered.

Typically, moving a pool table will cost between $400 and $1000.

For an affordable move of your pool table or other game table, we will put our expertise at your disposal whether in Montreal, or elsewhere in Quebec or in Canada (pool table moving service from Montreal to Quebec City, to Trois-Rivieres, Sherbrooke, Gatineau, Ottawa, Toronto, etc.).