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For your move in Montreal and surroundings cities, think no more. Our moving company in the heart of the island of Montreal offers you reliable, quality, and affordable local moving services. Whether it’s a residential move or a commercial move in Montreal, we will meet all your needs perfectly. Our professionals have been trained to satisfy you, whatever your requirements. With us, your relocation to Montreal, your move to Lanaudiere or your move to the Eastern Townships will be a success. We will also ensure with pleasure and professionalism your move to the Laurentians. Our company is also the one you will need for any move to Monteregie region. In order to be closest to you and to respond promptly to your call, we are striving to expand our team for greater representation all over the territory.

Demenaris: Benefit from The Best Local Moving Rates in Montreal, North Shore and South Shore

Our moving company is committed to provide you with the best possible service at an unbeatable price. For this, we are constantly thinking of offering you a custom-made service that will minimize your cost of our service as much as possible. So, at each phase of your move, we will provide you with easy-to-apply advice to maximize the value of your money. Whether your local move is to Montreal, the North Shore or South Shore, trust us to move you at the best price.

Demenaris in Montréal: Make Your Local Move With Confidence

Our moving company in Montreal offers moving services in all cities, all boroughs and all districts of Quebec, even though it is located in Montreal. With a population of over 8 million people, moving services are necessary and, therefore, we are working to offer the best to this ever growing and moving population.

Demenaris regularly invests in obtaining quality material and human resources in order to become the best local moving company in and around Montreal. Thus, our trucks and their equipment are well maintained and renewed as needed. Also, we do not fail to contract movers who are just as competent and professional as the ones already working with us.

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How to Contribute to the Success of Your Move: Some Tips From Demenaris

Whether you are an individual or a business, it is important to plan so you do not get cornered by your move. So, time is an important factor to consider for a successful move. What is the reasonable time to plan for a move? Even though our services include last-minute moves, we recommend that you take the time to prepare for your move. This will allow you to benefit from a better price for our services.

Planning a Move as an Individual

For a successful local move, it is absolutely not advisable to wait until the last minute to get started with the preparations. You don’t have to have found your next home before you plan a move. If you live in a rental, and are moving to another rental, giving notice is a good time to start preparing for your move.

On the other hand, in the case of buying a house, you can start preparing for your move as soon as the contract is signed. In either case, you will have an average of three months to prepare properly before contacting our moving company, who will be happy to take over to complete your local move at a lower cost. During this time, you can therefore perform the following actions:

Local Moving Company
Be sure to empty your refrigerator of any food it contains. Now is the time to stop shopping for a few months. Please note that your refrigerator must be transported empty and with no provisions since the transportation of food is not allowed in moving trucks;
Put away your things and get rid of the superfluous. Moving is a dream opportunity to leave behind all the belongings that have not been used for years. So, sort them out as well as possible to avoid having to carry unnecessary items which will increase the price of your move;
Carefully pack your belongings in boxes, taking care to identify the contents of each box. You will find yourself more easily once you arrive at your destination. Fragile items should be packaged with great care and set aside. Our movers must be informed of their presence in order to take care of them and place them properly in our trucks.

Planning a Move When You Are a Company

In this case, there is no time limit. It’s just important to keep in mind that your move will need to be well planned so it can go as quickly as possible once it starts. It is desirable that employees can return to their activities as soon as possible to run the business.

Since we specialize in local business relocation, we will take care to ensure deadlines are met and operate in a professional and delicate manner. Your machines and other work tools will be treated with the greatest care by our team of professionals. You will not have to worry about anything, Demenaris will take care of everything!