Piano Moving in Montreal

Piano Moving
Demenaris is a moving company known for its efficiency and professionalism in the field of moving devices and various valuable equipment in Montreal and its surroundings. So, for the move of your piano, Demenaris is the company to contact. You will be impressed and pleasantly surprised to see our know-how, our techniques, our delicacy and our professionalism for transporting your piano. The solution is therefore found for the move and installation of your piano in Montreal, on the South Shore, on the North Shore and in the Laurentians. Do you fear an incorrect installation of your piano? Don’t worry, our expert movers have skills accumulated over many years of experience. They have indeed already encountered several types of pianos.

Our Montreal piano moving service is designed for moving your piano from one house to another, or from one concert hall to another, to or from a warehouse, and so on.

The places of origin and destination do not matter to us. In any situation, we do piano moving from one place to another safely and while protecting this precious and fragile asset.

Of course, we can also simply moving a piano into your current building, transferring it to another room or another floor.

Our professional piano movers in Montreal will carry out the task with just as much care, but without having to transport it by truck to a new building.

It goes without saying that we can also take care of the delivery of your brand-new piano from the music store to your home or performance hall.

What Do Our Services Include for a Piano Moving?

The services offered by Demenaris as part of the delivery and installation of your piano include many details that are sure to please you!

Piano Moving Service: What Does It Include?

Being specialists in piano moving (upright and grand pianos), our best Montreal piano movers know the different models of pianos and they also know their value and their fragility.

As a result, we know fully that transporting a piano requires a great deal of care and delicacy.

Our specialized piano movers in Montreal will show professionalism in order to deliver your piano safely. Demenaris piano movers can safely move the following pianos and these other instruments:

Our piano moving services include: 

  • dismantling the piano (as needed),
  • packing it completely with all necessary protective equipment,
  • moving it to the truck, loading it securely into the truck, securing it with straps and other necessary means,
  • unloading it from the truck and moving it to its new position in your new home or concert hall,
  • unpacking and ultimately reassembling it to make it operational again.

All these steps will be done with professionalism, thoroughness and great attention, in order to allow you to recover your precious instrument in perfect condition.

Please note, however, that a piano is a very fragile instrument, and any movement can cause it to go out of tune.

You will therefore have to have it tuned by a professional once installed in its new location.

How Does A Piano Move Proceed?

The piano moving service in Montreal isn’t all about using muscles and physical strength.

To preserve this fragile instrument, it is necessary to know the proper methods and techniques to use, besides having adequate equipment and tools adapted to this complex task. 

It is important to consider several important factors such as the type of piano, the presence of stairs, low ceilings, curves and corners as well as the distance between the door from which the piano will exit from and the truck.

After checking all of this, it is now time to transport the piano.

To do so, we need to:

The piano is then ready to be moved, following a series of steps:

How Much Do Piano Movers Charge in Montreal?

Demenaris offers you a quality service at a lower cost for the move and installation of your piano.

How Much Does A Piano Moving to Montreal Cost?

The cost of moving a piano to Montreal will depend on the type of piano, the stairs and the distance of transportation, among other things. However, here are some indications:

  • Upright piano moving: $250 to $600
  • Grand piano moving: $550 to $950
  • Harpsichord: $400 to $900

For a piano delivery or for a piano moving in Montreal (of any type), do not hesitate to request a free quote!

For the inexpensive move of your upright, grand or other type of piano, we will be happy to provide you with our best piano movers’ expertise in Montreal or elsewhere in Quebec or in Canada (piano moving service from Montreal to Brossard, to Saint-Sauveur, Sainte-Adele, Magog, Gatineau, Toronto, Ottawa, etc.).