Moving from Montreal to Gatineau

Moving day is quite a special day that needs to be prepared for a long time ahead. We are often tempted to call on friends or family, but this is not always a suitable solution. Given the difficulty of the task, it is best to call in a professional, especially for long-distance moves. Specialized in moving from Montreal, Demenaris offers its services for your long-distance moves. Whatever the type of move and the service required, everything is done to offer you a quality service.

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Moving From Montreal To Gatineau

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What Is a Long-Distance Move?

When the distance between point A and point B exceeds 60 kilometers such as moving from Montreal to Gatineau or from Gatineau to Montreal, the move is considered to be a long-distance one.

It should be remembered that the city of Gatineau, located next to the border with Ontario, is approximately 204 km from Montréal. A moving from Montreal to Gatineau is therefore a long-distance move, since Gatineau is located beyond a 60 km radius from Montreal.

What Are the Services Offered by Demenaris?

Whatever the nature of your moving from Montreal to Gatineau, Demenaris will meet your needs. Besides the experience and know-how of our teams of movers, we use efficient means, from the packing of your effects to their transportation to the place of destination.

Here are all the services you can benefit from simply by using our professional moving services for your moving from Montreal to Gatineau or its surroundings.

Residential Moving from Montreal to Gatineau

Moving From Montreal To Gatineau
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If for one reason or another, you need to change your place of residence, do not hesitate to call Demenaris. Our company has gained a solid experience in terms of long-distance residential moves.

Very quickly after your request, Demenaris will send experts to carry out an inventory in order to assess the volume of furniture to be transported as well as any difficulties that may arise.

This will determine the size of the truck to be used, know in advance the number of movers needed, and make the appropriate safety arrangements. The price may also be determined after these various examinations.

Commercial Moving from Montreal to Gatineau

As your business flourishes, the workspace could become increasingly tight. It then becomes more than necessary to move to new premises in order to improve working conditions.

If your business is located in Montreal and you want to set it up in Gatineau, you can count on Demenaris. Our specialists will provide you with the best advice and accomplish this task as quickly as possible. Your goods and equipment will be treated with the greatest care during the commercial move.

Long-Distance Furniture and Appliances Delivery

Besides residential and commercial moving services, Demenaris also takes care of delivering your furniture and appliances from Montréal to Gatineau. This could be, for example, transportation from a distribution center to your home or business.

By delegating this task to professionals, you can be free of your time and go about other things. Since the operation will be carried out under the strictest safety conditions, you have nothing to worry about.

The Demenaris team will take care of carefully installing your furniture in the moving truck. Once at the destination, each piece of furniture or household appliances will be moved delicately.

Why Call Demenaris for Your Long-Distance Move (Montreal-Gatineau)?

Moving From Montreal To Gatineau
Déménagement demenaris

You do not have one, but several reasons to use the services of Demenaris for your long-distance moves. Our primary goal being to satisfy you, all the necessary arrangements are made to provide you with a service that meets your expectations.

Besides the variety of services offered, here are some advantages you can enjoy.

Great Availability

Wherever you are, you can call our company for your long-distance move. We operate in several cities and all over Quebec, and we are available at any time.

Equipment and Technical Means

Being aware of the increased risks when it comes to a long-distance moving from Montreal to Gatineau, Demenaris has adopted high-performance professional technical techniques.

We take all the necessary precautions to protect your belongings right from the start, using the appropriate packaging supplies such as padded papers, adhesive tapes and transportation blankets.

The different sized trucks used for moving are all equipped with an air suspension system to save your belongings from any road bumps.

Our teams of movers have all the required qualifications and remain respectful of our values, in particular in terms of customer satisfaction. You will therefore deal with dynamic, punctual and very courteous movers for a successful moving from Montreal to Gatineau.

Other Advantages

Besides ensuring the safety of your possessions, you save time by using the services of our professionals for your long-distance moves. You won’t have to make any special effort, so you’ll be spared the stress and fatigue generally implied with moving.

It should also be noted that we place particular emphasis on meeting deadlines.

Before, during and after the move, all necessary precautions will be taken. You can also request a free and detailed quote for the operation according to your needs and budget.

Our specialists remain at your disposal and will be able to provide you with sound advice and answer any of your questions throughout the moving process.

To top it off, all of these benefits are covered by professional insurance. You can therefore be sure of finding satisfaction by calling us for your moving from Montreal to Gatineau project.