Affordable Move to Montreal

Cheap Movers In Montreal
Your satisfaction is important to us. This is the reason why Demenaris is always at your disposal, in order to provide you with the best moving service to Montreal. In order to make it accessible enough for you, we allow you a low-cost move, respecting the same conditions as all the other moving options, with a few differences.

Moving Yourself: Is It Really an Economical Option?

The tasks to be done in the new house being the most urgent, they very often make us forget or neglect the budget to be allocated to the move. In this case, when the time comes, the financial condition is quite critical and we try to save money by all means. Thus, individuals prefer options that seem to cost them much less than entrusting the work to a professional company.

To save money on your move, you can decide to do the job yourself. Thus, you will take care of packing the furniture and furnishings, loading them into your car or truck, driving to the new location, unloading the vehicle and unpacking and storing the effects.

To lend a helping hand, you can enlist friends, relatives, volunteers, or low-cost moving sites that will provide you with sufficient human resources for the length of time you need. It will then be necessary to make sure that everyone knows exactly what to do and how to do it so as not to damage your furniture and other belongings.

Cheap Movers In Montreal

The Best Alternative to Move Inexpensively to Montreal

In fact, making a move all by yourself is rarely economical. You will need to think about moving supplies such as boxes, tape, straps, screwdrivers to take down furniture and blankets. You’ll also need a doormat (frankly, the back of the doormat) to allow you to move your furniture without scratching the floor, and especially a trolley to make it easier to move heavy equipment. Obviously, your vehicle must be in excellent condition to support the weight of the various items. If not, you will need to consider renting a moving truck. You will also need to count gas for the journey.

All of this comes at a cost, and when the total is added up, the price comes out roughly equal to or more than the budget a moving company would have claimed. In addition, professionalism is not there: some of your belongings may be damaged during your move, and you will find yourself forced to repair or replace them altogether. Making a move by yourself is therefore not the best option for a low-cost move to Montréal.

In Montreal, the professional moving company Demenaris is establishing itself more and more.

Why Trust Demenaris?

We offer services in all fields of the moving industry. We pack and unpack, assemble and dismantle, load and unload supplies, and can also drive the truck intended to transport furniture and other belongings. Demenaris has professional movers who have gained their know-how and expertise through regular practice and experiences with clients in Montréal. The experts at Demenaris are not only endowed with physical strength: they work with skill, subtlety, attention and organization. In addition, the formalities are well known, and the company has been carrying out moves for individuals and businesses for several years.

Demenaris, in order to help you save money, offers its Montréal Economic Moving formula. By selecting this service, we only take care of loading and unloading your goods, and transporting them in our moving truck. We’re not supposed to provide you with packing supplies for your goods, however, we could do so free of charge. So, you will only have to take care of the rest: packing and unpacking fragile items and those that are not, dismantling and assembling heavy and bulky furniture, and unplugging household appliances.

Another economical option is to rent only the truck and its driver, plus a mover if you need to. If some tasks are difficult, you can always discuss with us for a helping hand with the assembly and disassembly of the furniture.

Cheap Movers In Montreal

Some Tips to Optimize Your Move

Doing a large part of the work is a great way to save money on your move. However, this is not always enough. It will still be necessary to combine several other tips to optimize your move and maximize your savings.

Make it easier for the movers by clearing the access to your house and the door, and by reserving a place for parking the truck. If the door is cumbersome and blocks the flow of boxes, don’t hesitate to have it removed. The movers will be able to move more freely; your belongings would then be better protected.

Place the boxes so that there is an aisle for the movers. Movers will be able to easily move larger and heavy boxes before smaller and light ones.

In addition, you can perform bulking. It is a step-by-step process, following the route of your mover. If the mover is already going to unload or load in your new home, you could negotiate with them, and see if it is possible for them to pick up some of your belongings.

Are you ready for your next moving project?

Another tip is to avoid the beginnings and ends of the month. The demand is very high for movers on those dates, so the prices can go up. This is valid for the high seasons (summer and school holidays) and the holidays, especially on the massive moving day in Québec: July 1st. So, we recommend that you move between the 5th and 20th of the month, in times such as fall and winter.