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We can’t wait to be the best part of your move! To do this, we will need to collect and store your information. This will only be used to coordinate the services you request with the location you have selected. You can request that this information be provided to you or deleted at any time. By checking the box below, you authorize Demenaris to contact you by e-mail or telephone.

If you’d rather not use our form, that’s cool with us. We will be happy to discuss if you call us at (514) 778-5115.

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Once the form is submitted, you will receive an email from us confirming the details you previously entered.

Then, in the next few hours, wait for a call from one of our representatives who will help you with your next moving project.

At Demenaris, we charge an all-inclusive rate depending on the time it takes us to travel to you. Before the move takes place, an estimator will work with you to understand which assets will need to be moved. Some of the things that will determine the total duration of a move will be:

  • How many items we move
  • How many stops we have to make
  • Items enter or leave storage
  • If there are stairs or elevators in place
  • If all of your boxes are packed, marked and sealed before we arrive. Doing some last minute wrapping while we’re loading the truck will slow things down.

Demenaris accepts credit card payments as well as checks or cash.