Office Assembly in Montreal

Office Furniture Assembly
Whether it is for installation or assembly, we provide a fast service for custom-made furniture, modular workstations, computer stations, storage units, conference tables, etc. Demenaris can meet your business needs; our assembly technicians are used to providing the best possible service at the best price in Montreal and elsewhere. Our expert assemblers can perform the assembly, and installation of your furniture up to the basic services offered by professionals offering a comprehensive office furniture assembly service. We rely on a team of experienced assemblers who offer unrivaled furniture assembly service in Montreal for businesses: experienced staff ready to provide immediate assistance to meet the challenges associated with assembling almost any furniture in Montreal. They offer impeccable services at competitive prices and, of course, without unpleasant surprises.

Versatility, Speed and Safety

We are used to assembling various pieces of furniture from various sources: IKEA, BRICK, LEON’S, WALMART, STAPLES, MAISON CORBEIL, CASAVOGUE, JC PERREAULT, STRUCTUBE, BRAULT & MARTINEAU, BOIS & CUIR etc. But also, the assembly of furniture in solid wood and MDF (medium).

Demenaris offers a wide variety of specialized services to help set up office furniture. The assembly and installation of furniture, workspaces, appliances, air conditioners, exercise equipment, shelters and garden items of all kinds are frequent requests, which allow our teams to go to the essentials, and as quickly as possible.

Desk Assembly for Businesses

When we talk about desk assembly for businesses, this can take many forms, since there are many ways to work within a company, but every company needs to have some desks, workstations or conference tables for their activities.

Sometimes, this can take the form of individual desks. Those desks could be grouped inside a large room, or placed into individual offices, which would be generally closed. The desks for those individual offices are usually more elaborate, larger, and more complex to assemble. It is then interesting to use the services of professional furniture assemblers, like those of Demenaris, to avoid frustrations and loss of time.

On other occasions, this will take the form of workstations, regrouped into a large room. For individual work within a cubicle or for a large collaborative space, it is then crucial to install workstations.

For retail stores, the challenge is mostly to install large counters, with or without glass windows, or large displays. Those large pieces of furniture often come in detached components to save space and facilitate their handling. Our experts can easily give those pieces of furniture their final shape, so they can help you in your business.

Finally, we are aware that moving a business implies a reduction or a pause of its activities. To reduce this downtime to the maximum, we offer our moving and furniture assembly services during evenings, nights and weekends, so you can quickly return to serving your clients.

Workstation Assembly

In addition to the desks destined for a single user, like in a private office, we can also assemble a series of workstations in order to facilitate teamwork.

Whether it is for a call center, for game video creators, for customer service agents or any other function, it is often vital for a business to have their teams located in a single physical space to work together and exchange information while doing their work. The solution is then to have workstations grouped together in more or less large islands in order to facilitate this cohesion.

There are many types of workstations and they must be adapted to the type of work their users do. For many types of needs, this will imply isolated and closed sections for when the employees use the phone, for example, while in other situations, the employees must be able to interact easily with each other.

In all cases, complex and massive workstation structures have to be assembled, considering not only the furniture pieces to be put together but also the many electrical, phone, and computer cables to pass through to connect each workstation to the various networks.

Our movers and furniture assemblers have a very extensive experience to accomplish this task with no problem whatsoever, so your employees can be productive again in a flash.

Office Furniture Assembly

Excellent Service

The office furniture assembly experts at Demenaris offer you top-of-the-range, reliable, personalized and efficient service at an affordable rate. We adapt to your needs: we assemble the furniture after the complete relocation of an office, after an internal move, or if you need to reposition or assemble a few specific objects. Demenaris‘s team of professional office furniture assemblers will make sure all of your furniture is assembled as it should, quickly and securely.

Conference Table Assembly

When a company moves to new premises, one of the common problems it faces is to have a space dedicated to meetings. Often, they do have the physical space, but not the required furniture. Then is the time to buy a large conference table to furnish this meeting room.

A conference table is a massive piece of furniture that comes in various pieces. It is important to joint them correctly to get a final piece that looks like a single piece, and not just a poorly assembled puzzle. It is also important to make sure the table is leveled all over. Often, there are also cables to connect phone and videoconferencing services.

No matter the size or the style of your conference table, our professionals have all the experience and tools required to ensure a perfect assembly, so your new conference table meets your needs.

Furniture Assembly for Retailers

When it is a retailer that is moving, takes possession of new premises or expands to another location, it needs to assemble a large variety of furniture pieces. We can easily think about large counters, often with glass, to present their items to their clients, to displays of all kinds, and so much more. Those fragile pieces of furniture often arrive disassembled.

In order to protect your investment in those pieces of furniture, it is thus highly preferable to trust the assembly of those complex pieces of furniture to specialists, like those from Demenaris.

Our experts will take care of assembling your different furniture items in a quick and efficient manner, to help you grow your business even more. No furniture and no structure is too complex for us, since we have a lot of experience in the assembly of all kinds of furniture.

Nightly Commercial Assembly

We are fully aware that the first mission of a business is to serve its clients. For us, it is to serve you, and to do our best to address your needs. For our commercial clients, every move or installation within new premises represents downtime during which their capacity to serve their clients is reduced. We fully understand that and we stand in solidarity with our clients.

In order to reduce this downtime as much as possible, we offer to our commercial clients all our moving and furniture assembly services around the clock. Our employees can work during day, evening or night shifts, including weekends and holidays, to help you settle down so you can resume serving your clients. We are flexible in the execution of our services, because we know how important it is for a business to serve its clients.

Office Furniture Assembly

Clear and Simple Steps

Our flat-packed furniture assembly experts are equipped with all the necessary tools they need to do a top-notch job, so your furniture looks and performs like it should in no time. Unpacking, preparation of modules, tools, assembly, checking and cleaning: nothing is left to chance, from the start to the end of your desired installation.