Furniture Assembly in Montreal

Furniture Assembly in Montreal

Furniture Assembly in Montreal

Furniture Assembly in Montreal

Furniture Assembly in Montreal

Furniture Assembly in Montreal

Putting together a piece of furniture may seem very simple, right? However, it is absolutely not! Calling in a professional to assemble your furniture is the best possible solution available to you. Do not count on your friends who say they love putting up furniture, they will flee at the first blockage and abandon you to your fate. While our company, specialized in moving, delivering, transporting, assembling and dismantling furniture, offers you the best solution for the successful and inexpensive assembly of your furniture in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil or even Brossard. Our furniture assemblers are professionals, fully equipped, and very conscientious in their work. They will treat your furniture with delicacy and act meticulously. The demand for furniture installations in Montreal is booming. This is explained, among other things, by the economic development felt in the metropolitan region and by the expansion of the real estate market in the Montreal area.
Furniture Assembly In Montreal

Why Have Your Furniture Assembled by a Professional? Discover Three Good Reasons.

Assembling furniture is not just a hobbyist’s task. Successful furniture assembly requires the use of several tools and special skills. We have these tools and skills that we put at your disposal very professionally.

Save Time!

Assembling furniture is an activity that takes a lot of time whether or not you are a professional it is quite possible to spend an entire day assembling one piece of furniture. However, even if this task is time consuming it will be even more so for an amateur. Entrusting the assembly of your furniture to a professional can therefore save you hours that can be used for other activities.

Avoid Stress and Arguments

Hiring a professional for the assembly of your furniture will not only save you time but also spare you the pressure and stress brought by this task. Imagine having to disassemble an assembled piece of furniture after hours of work just to put in place a piece you have forgotten! Horrible just thinking about that, isn’t it? Well, calling in a professional will keep you safe from all of these inconveniences as well as avoiding possible arguments with your partner. Surveys on the subject reveal that over 20% of couples would end up having an argument when assembling their furniture.

Say NO to Unpleasant Surprises!

Putting together a piece of furniture and realizing that you can’t find an important element to complete your work is quite unsettling. No matter where the missing piece of your furniture is located, do not risk finding yourself in such a situation, call a professional furniture assembler. He will take everything in hand for an impeccable job.

Demenaris offers you quality work thanks to its home furniture assembly professionals. They will work with furniture assembly tools, and all the accessories needed for the job.

Demenaris: What Are our Furniture Assembly Services?

Our company’s furniture assembly services consider several other services. We have among others:

  • Home furniture disassembly/dismantlement;
  • Home furniture assembly/reassembly;
  • Furniture packaging;
  • Complete services to move and deliver furniture;
  • Moving furniture from one building to another or within the same building.

Other Services Available to You

Our furniture assembly professionals assemble several brands and models of furniture in Montreal and throughout Quebec. If you have a ready-to-assemble piece of furniture, a piece of furniture bought as a single model or a high-end piece of furniture, trust us for a perfect assembly and at the best price on the market. Trust us for your furniture from IKEA, Brick, Brault & Martineau, Structube, Maison Corbeil, Casavogue, JC Perreault, etc. Our various furniture installation and assembly services also concern the following elements:

  • Assembly of residential or commercial furniture;
  • Assembly of complete bedrooms furniture;
  • Assembly of kitchen furniture, bar, tables;
  • Assembly of bathrooms;
  • Full installation of gym equipment, game tables and patio furniture;
  • BBQ assembly;
  • Assembly of offices for companies and stores;
  • Installation of a pool table and a piano;
  • Wall bracket installation.

IKEA Furniture Assembly in Montreal: Demenaris Takes Care of It

IKEA brand furniture is furniture very often encountered by furniture assemblers located in Montreal. Far from wanting to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of the IKEA brand in particular, it is important to note that certain furniture of this brand such as wardrobes, PAX sliding doors of wardrobes, and furniture from storage are fragile and should only be assembled once, and done professionally.

Need a quote for the delivery and assembly of IKEA furniture?

Also note that the transportation of IKEA brand furniture must be provided by professionals as it is a very sensitive operation. However, do not hesitate for a second to entrust us with the transportation and assembly of your IKEA furniture in Montreal.

We will ensure both the transportation and the assembly of your IKEA furniture at the best price, conscientiously and with professionalism, as is our habit. Get a free quote now for the transportation and assembly of your IKEA furniture in Montreal and elsewhere!