Moving from Montreal to Ottawa

A move is an important moment in everyone’s life. Most moves take place as part of the acquisition of a new job or a new home, following a reunion or on the contrary of a family estrangement or simply the search for new sensations in an unfamiliar environment. There are two types of moves: short distance moving, which in principle does not pose any problems, and long-distance moving, which can sometimes become a real headache. Whatever type of move you are considering; it is best to go through a professional. Except that for a long-distance move, it becomes essential to seek the help of professional movers. But how do you make the right choice? You live in Montreal and you are wondering how to proceed with your move to Ottawa. Demenaris – a specialized long-distance moving service provider, is an experienced and professional moving company that offers impeccable quality moving services to allow you to move in the best conditions.

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Moving From Montreal To Ottawa

Is Moving from Montreal to Ottawa A Long-Distance Move?

It is essential to recognize whether your move is considered to be a long-distance one. Why? Because the further it is, the higher the risk and therefore the higher the price.

If your destination is beyond a radius of 60 kilometres from your place of departure, be aware that your move will be considered a long-distance move. The cost of the move will be based on two criteria: the distance between the addresses and the labor required.

If you plan to move between Ottawa and Montreal or moving from Montreal to Ottawa, be aware that the two cities are about 200 km apart. It will therefore be considered as a long-distance move and special panning and preparation works are needed.

Moving Service from Montreal to Ottawa – Quick, Easy and Safe

Moving From Montreal To Ottawa
Demenaris moving company

Carrying out a long-distance move from Montral to Ottawa on your own is often very restrictive and tiring, given the countless round trips required. It also carries risks. You do not need to expose your family and friends to this stress by asking for their help for your moving from Montreal to Ottawa project.

Our long-distance movers from Montreal to Ottawa can accomplish this transfer for you with a guarantee of fast and neat service. With our professional long-distance moving company in Montreal, there is no organizational concern. It places its human and logistical resources at your disposal to ensure a professional service of exceptional quality for your moving from Montreal to Ottawa.

We hire only experienced, trained and qualified movers who are flexible to adapt to the specific needs of our customers. We use long-distance moving trucks, which are specially designed for this type of service. They are clean and spacious, and the necessary materials and equipment for a move are there in sufficient quantity and quality.

Therefore, the size of the trucks and the number of Montreal-Ottawa movers that will be used will depend on the size of the moving from Montreal to Ottawa project. Our moving equipment includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Your furniture will be safe, as it will be wrapped in large and thick blankets to protect it during the move.
  2. Your clothes will be stored in wardrobe boxes to ensure their easy and organized transportation. You can leave them on their hangers and hang them directly in the box built precisely for this purpose.
  3. In order to avoid any damage to your floors, non-slip mats will be placed on your floors to protect them when moving furniture and other effects.
  4. Plastic covers will completely wrap your mattresses and your sofa to keep them intact during transport.
  5. Your belongings will then be transported in trucks using trolleys (4-wheel dollies).

For all these moving services, our prices are fair and reasonable. Our long-distance moving company from Montreal to Ottawa can even take care of the necessary administrative processes for you if you need them as such.

Whatever your financial capacities and your objectives, delegate your moving from Montreal to Ottawa project to Demenaris with confidence and the results will be the best you’ve ever guessed.

What Do Our Montreal to Ottawa Movers Offer?

We offer you various services related to long-distance moving from Montreal to Ottawa, whether residential or commercial, as well as in the delivery of furniture and household appliances.

Long-Distance Residential Moving from Montreal to Ottawa or from Ottawa to Montreal

Moving From Montreal To Ottawa
Demenaris moving company

With our long-distance moving company from Montreal to Ottawa, your residential move can be done during the day or at night, on weekends or on a holiday, at no additional cost, to disrupt your private and professional life as little as possible.

Our crews of professional movers provide you with a full range of services related to residential moving, from the design of the plan to the completion of the relocation of your home. Their approach is unique and much appreciated in the industry namely due to their devotion and consciousness.

To carry out its work, the long-distance movers will, in fact, thoroughly evaluate your moving from Montreal to Ottawa project in order to establish the human and financial resources necessary for its accomplishment. The company is moving all kinds of residences including apartments, houses, villas, studios.

Above all, the objective of Demenaris is to protect your belongings until they reach their destination and to fully satisfy you as a client and impress you by our efforts and unbeatable moving rates for the long-distance jobs.

Long-Distance Commercial Moving from Montreal to Ottawa

Is your business growing and you need to move to larger business premises to meet the needs of your employees? Our professional Montreal to Ottawa movers transfer your work tool with seriousness and discretion.

Not all companies have the same needs, which is why Demenaris has at its disposal moving teams that can be immediately mobilized and who master the various cogs of commercial relocation. This type of move depends on the activity of the company concerned and the type of equipment to be transported.

For example, all of a company’s information is contained in computers. Their moving has to be done with care. Demenaris can take care of the dismantling, packaging, transportation and arrangement of all your belongings in your new premises according to your plans.

Delivery of Furniture and Appliances from Montreal to Ottawa

Our delivery and moving company from Montreal to Ottawa can take care of a wide range of goods. You can contact us in an emergency or following a schedule in advance. So, do not hesitate any longer and book your long-distance deliveries with Demenaris!

Our delivery teams are available 7 days a week. We carry whatever you want, where you want it and when you want it.

The movers of Demenaris are professional, trained, responsible and qualified experts in handling fragile objects, such as antiques, paintings or dishes (consult the reviews of our customers on Google) and there’s no complicated task for us when moving from Montreal to Ottawa.