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Moving to Lanaudiere

Lanaudiere, located northeast of Montreal, covers an enormous territory going from Terrebonne up to Manawan. The region is divided into five sectors, from the St.-Lawrence River going inland for over 200 km, heading north to the heart of the Quebec territory. The southern part of the huge Lanaudiere region is peppered with important cities, being part of the Greater Montreal Area and along the St.-Lawrence River, while the northern part of the region is mostly wilderness. There are thus many reasons for moving to Lanaudiere, a region that has something for everyone. In this article, we will discover the various sectors of this vast region and see which are the factors people could consider for moving to Lanaudiere. But no matter where you want to settle down in Lanaudiere, Demenaris is there for you, because we cover all areas.
Moving To Lanaudiere
Moving to lanaudiere

Les Moulin / Moving to Lanaudiere

The Moulins sector is the closest to Montreal. Its two chief cities (Terrebonne and Mascouche) are part of the Greater Montreal Area. So, moving to Lanaudiere still allows you to be close to both Montreal and Laval, which you can easily reach through Highway 25. You can also use Highway 640 to reach cities like Blainville and Boisbriand on the North Shore of Montreal/Laval.

Living in this sector means you can take advantage of all the services of large cities nearby, while having a pace of life more relax and easy access to nature. For many people, that is the best of both worlds between urbanity and nature, offering a wonderful transition out of the great metropolis.

La Cote / Affordable price for professional movers in Lanaudiere

As its name implies (“The Shore”), this sector is located on the shore of the St.-Lawrence River; it is a sector delimited generally by Highway 40 on the north side and the river on the south side.

Starting from Montreal, heading towards Quebec City, we find cities like Charlemagne, Repentigny, Saint-Sulpice, Lavaltrie, Lanoraie, Saint-Ignace-de-Loyola and even Berthierville, leading you almost up to Trois-Rivieres. All those municipalities are joined by road 138.

This is a flat land mostly occupied by farmland where the low density of population, besides the towns mentioned, engulfs you by nature. This is an excellent choice for moving to Lanaudière and get closer to nature, while having some urban services.

La Plaine / Demenaris: Moving Company in Lanaudiere

Moving To Lanaudiere
Moving to lanaudiere

Located mostly north of Highway 40, the La Plaine sector is vast and includes numerous small towns. Although the largest cities of the sector are L’Assomption (south) and Joliette (center), the sector spans out from Saint-Lin-Laurentides (west) up to Saint-Barthélemy (east).

Among those moving to Lanaudiere, those selecting the La Plaine sector wishing to get closer to nature. While still having easy access to medium cities services, since there is always a small town close to you, which is also easily reachable through the extensive road network covering all the sector.

Many dozens of rivers crisscross the area, offering very interesting natural environments to practice various nautical sports as well as fishing.

Le Piémont / Moving company in Lanaudiere

Further north, we find the Piemont sector. This sector features a large number of lakes that pepper all this rather flat land. It is then an excellent choice to get closer to nature if you consider moving to Lanaudiere. For those thinking it is too far away from urban centers, it is a perfect area for a chalet.

This strip-like sector, going from Saint-Calixte (west) to Mandeville (east), where lakes and small towns are omnipresent. Among the most important lakes, let us mention Pontbriand, Noir and Maskinonge. When it concerns the cities, the most famous are Rawdon and Saint-Jean-de-Matha. This sector is perfect for those enjoying nature activities.

Les Montagnes / Trusted movers

If you keep going north, you will arrive in the Montagnes sector. With no surprise, this sector has many mountains and natural parks. Among the greatest parks, we find the Mont-Tremblant National Park, Foret Ouareau and Lac Taureau Regional Parks, as well as Mastigouche and Rouge-Matawin Fauna Reserves.

In summary, those making the choice of moving to Lanaudière and opting for this sector find themselves really in nature. There are only a handful of towns in this huge sector, but let us mention Entrelacs, Saint-Donat, Sainte-Émilie de l’Energie, Saint-Zenon and Saint-Michel-des-Saints as the most important ones.

A few small towns peppered in a huge natural and diversified area allow you to live a simpler life connected to the real values of nature.

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Moving To Lanaudiere
Moving to lanaudiere

Located between the Laurentides and Mauricie regions on the north shore of the St.-Lawrence River, the Lanaudiere region offers numerous attractions for everyone. Located on the northern side of the region, the Atikamekw community of Manawan is about 225 km away from Terrebonne, which shows you the immensity of the territory of the Lanaudière region.

Moving to Lanaudiere can mean living in a medium-size town steps away from Montreal and Laval, as well as getting lost in nature. It is a wonderful region in which to live all year around, but it is also the choice region of many to build or buy a secondary home or a summer chalet in order to get away from the large city.

Whether it is for a primary residence or secondary one, close to Montreal or far north in the nature, Demenaris can help you and move all your belongings wherever you want.

Contact us if you plan on moving to Lanaudiere, we will do our best to ease up this transition of yours, at the best possible cost.