Moving to L’Assomption

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Moving to L’Assomption

Life is about growing up and evolve while changing the environment. Everything in life is subject to change, and today Demenaris located in L’Assomption wants to support you in this dream. With our company, discover exceptional moving services adapted to your needs. Whatever the social status (young, adults, retired), we will satisfy your need with professional movers. Don’t hesitate to grab that chance we’re offering you through our services.

Moving To L'Assomption

Moving to L’Assomption/Exceptional Services in L’Assomption

Not every day is a Sunday in a student’s life, especially since you usually rush between two classes. When you must also move, it is often better, and recommended, to ask for help.

You can now call up the services of professional moving to L’Assomption companies to help you in such a situation. At Demenaris, we can adapt to low budgets in order to make moving affordable for everyone.

In other words, we offer you a cheap student move option. Whether you live in a studio, in a dorm or share an apartment, we can easily go with our vans to help you. Look at our website to obtain a free quote and get a precise idea of our costs.

Successful Senior Moving to L’Assomption

If you’re retired and need to move to another location in or out L’Assomption, it’s a good idea to contact Demenaris because we’ll really treat you well. If there’s something Demenaris wants, it is to relieve you of the stress and efforts related to a move.

To that purpose, we’ll deploy every means and equipment to support you in this transition.

Well-Equipped Moving Trucks in L’Assomption

Eager to carry out moves under the best possible conditions, we take pride in making sure our trucks have all the right equipment to reach that goal.

Our trucks are assigned based on the volume and weight of the items to move towards your new location. But, no matter the size of the truck, each one of them is equipped with the right equipment to do the job, which can include:

  • A piano skid;
  • Hand trucks;
  • Plastic wrap;
  • Boxes;
  • Moving and fixing straps;
  • Bubble wrap, wrapping paper, and adhesive tape;
  • Carpet for the interior floor;
  • Mattress protection;
  • And more than a hundred wrapping blankets.

How Do We Proceed for a Moving to L’Assomption?

Moving To L'Assomption
Déménagement demenaris

In a general manner, we offer residential moving to L’Assomption services to individuals/families and commercial moving to L’Assomption services to businesses/stores/etc. Upon receiving a request from a client, we process it according to a series of steps.

For example, we pack up fragile items using ecological wrappings, we use plastic boxes or carton boxes that we seal with tape. With a hand truck, we load each of those items onto the moving truck, where everything is secure for transportation.

All those measures prevent accidents during transit to the new destination. Once arrived at the destination, we unload the truck and proceed with the unpacking.

When it’s about moving large or fragile items, like a pool table or a piano, for example, we use rope and chains for better protection during transportation.

Is it required to use stairs or an elevator to reach your apartment? If so, don’t forget to reserve it for moving day. However, we can also use our external elevator to reach your apartment from the outside of the building.

Be assured that we put in place every possible measure to ensure the safety of your belongings and of our movers. At Demenaris, we know how to simplify the moving operation.

How Do We Deliver Appliances in L’Assomption?

Moving To L'Assomption
Déménagement demenaris

Online shopping is common these days, but then everything has to be delivered, and Demenaris is there to ship your household appliances to your home. We take pride in delivering within reasonable delays whatever you bought and whatever the distance we have to travel for you.

Our L’Assomption movers are available to deliver furniture and household appliances. You can buy a new piece of furniture or a new appliance, as you don’t have to worry about the delivery anymore; we’re here to lend you a hand.

Furniture Assemblers at Your Service

Not only are we qualified for all types of moves and deliveries in L’Assomption, but we can also assemble various types of furniture. Once at your new home, we will help you to reassemble and position the furniture items we have disassembled at your previous address.

We really take care of everything because helping people to move is a genuine passion for us.

Don’t entrust this complex change of location to amateurs, only trust professionals, like Demenaris, to make this a pleasant and unforgettable experience. Take advantage of the many services we offer by contacting us today.