Moving to Lavaltrie

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Moving to Lavaltrie

Lavaltrie is a small town of about 14,000 inhabitants located on the North Shore of the Saint-Lawrence River, about 50 km east of Montréal. It is a small urban center surrounded by farmland, which means that if you are moving to Lavaltrie, you will get closer to nature and will be able to enjoy fresh air.
Moving To Lavaltrie
Moving to lavaltrie

Moving to Lavaltrie

Lavaltrie has decided to bet on new technologies, and it is in the process of expanding its economic development in that direction. That means that you will definitely have a good Internet connection when moving to Lavaltrie. Just like for any other move, if you choose to settle down in Lavaltrie, you will have hundreds of things and details to do and consider.

It is then best to get help from an experienced moving company like Demenaris. At least, you will not have to worry about the transportation of your belongings, furniture and household appliances to your new residence.

Small Town, Big Projects / Movers Lavaltrie

Lavaltrie is a small town anchored in the past and traditions through agriculture taking place all around it, but also looking into the future, because it has made the choice of betting on new technologies for its social and economic development.

It has huge ambitions for the sector of new technologies, which can easily be matched with the agriculture one to computerize and automate some aspects of this traditional industry.

Since it is located between farmland and the river, nature is omnipresent in Lavaltrie and its surroundings. That is the perfect location to live at a pace closer to the one of nature than the one, more frantic, of the cities.

So, moving to Lavaltrie represents a lifestyle straddling the past and the future, traditions and innovation. One way to take advantage of the best of two complementary worlds, even if they seem contradictory at first glance.

Internet and Road Connectivity

Since the town has decided to direct its development towards new technologies, it means that it is well connected to the Internet. Contrary to other semi-rural or rural zones in Quebec, Lavaltrie is strongly connected to high-speed Internet and everyone has a choice between many providers. On that aspect, moving to Lavaltrie allows you to keep the benefits of being in a large city.

But Lavaltrie is not only well connected to the Internet, it is also with the rest of Quebec through the road network. Since it is on the shore of the river, it is crossed by road 138. Only a few kilometres northwest of the town passes Highway 40, which even has an exit for Lavaltrie. Thus, you will not be cut off from the rest of the world if you plan on moving to Lavaltrie.

Residential and Commercial Moves in Lavaltrie

Moving To Lavaltrie
Moving to lavaltrie

Whether it is your residence or your small company you are thinking of moving to Lavaltrie, you can count on the services and the expertise of Demenaris (see the presentation of our company on YouTube).

We have been working in the moving industry for many years now, and we complete hundreds of moves every year. We cover all residential, commercial and even industrial moves needs, no matter the distance involved. We have many teams of movers and a large fleet of trucks of all sizes to allow us to be fully prepared for moving to Lavaltrie all your belongings, furniture and household appliances.

We can do the same for any office, commercial or industrial equipment. We can thus easily move all your fragile, heavy or bulky items while taking all the protective measures necessary from packing to their security within the moving truck.

Our expert movers in Lavaltrie can even, when necessary or requested, disassemble furniture items to better protect them during transportation, packing and wrapping each component carefully to ensure their total protection.

Delivery and Large Objects

If you already live in Lavaltrie, you might be tempted to buy furniture you have seen in Montreal or Laval. However, the store where you have found your dream furniture item does not offer delivery up to Lavaltrie.

Do not worry about that anymore and contact us. Besides moving to Lavaltrie complete households and businesses, we also offer a delivery service to this town, and all surrounding area. Thanks to our vast experience in moves, we can also help you move around massive objects like bookcases, pool tables, pianos, safes, etc.

It does not matter if the move has to be done from a building to another or from a room to another. For us, it is the same task and we have the tools and accessories required to accomplish this operation with full success.

Call our moving company in Lavaltrie for the best solutions

Moving To Lavaltrie
Moving to lavaltrie

If you plan on moving to Lavaltrie, you will get closer to nature and traditional values, while remaining well connected to modern life and to other cities of the area. In fact, you will be just about 20 km east of Repentigny, which offers most products and services found in a big city.

When moving Lavaltrie, from anywhere in Quebec or Canada, it is best to trust a moving company like Demenaris, having many years of experience in the industry. Our many teams of movers and our trucks of all sizes can handle any type of residential, commercial or industrial moves. Moving your family or your business will be a piece of cake for us, and we will carry it out professionally.

Contact us to get a free customized quote and you will see how easy it is to get first-class moving services at an affordable price.