Moving a Safe

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Moving a safe

Moving a Safe

Among the items most complicated to move around, we have the safes. These are, all at the same time, heavy, massive, bulky and, despite their almost indestructible structure, somewhat fragile because of their locking mechanism.

For all those reasons, and many others, moving a safe is not just like moving another piece of furniture. Their great density makes them very heavy objects even when they are relatively small.

To correctly handle those especially heavy objects, you need to have the proper equipment and the special knowledge to use them.

Considering their massive weight, it is easy to mishandle them and cause breakage to the safe itself, as well as to the surroundings (floor, wall, staircase, etc.), or, even worse, to cause injuries to people handling it (foot, back, etc.).

In summary, there are many things to consider when it comes to moving a safe, no matter its size or its location.

Before Moving a Safe

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Whether it is within a complete conventional move, along with all the other items of your house, or a simple move within your house, or anything in between those two extremes, it is important to have the proper information before moving a safe.

You thus need to know the brand and model of your safe when you call us to discuss your project of moving a safe.

Besides providing us with the brand and model, it would be great to have the external dimensions of your safe (width, height, depth) as well as its approximative weight (empty).

You also need to inform us where your safe is located, in order to determine, for example, if there are staircases or other obstacles to consider. Is the safe built into a wall or a floor? Is it anchored in place by bolts or by some other means?

All this information is required beforehand to optimize the work of our movers (to make sure they bring the proper tools for the job), and make sure the move of your safe goes as smoothly as possible.


Besides moving a safe from its current location, it could be necessary for our movers to disassemble your safe to remove the door, for example.

This would be done with the objective of lighten up the whole thing in order to ease up its handling and its moving around inside the buildings.

The weight of massive safe could easily damage floors on which it is rolled, stairs through which it is transported, etc. If the door is still present, that could complicate the passage of the safe in door frames or other tight locations.


Of course, our expert movers have all the equipment and experience required to disassemble then reassemble all the components they are temporarily removing for the handling and transportation to ensure that moving a safe is done in total safety.

Proper Equipment

Safe Moving Service
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To handle such heavy loads, you obviously need specialized equipment. You also need the skills to properly use the specialized equipment in order to avoid mishaps; if a safe got loose or escape the control of the movers handing it, that could lead to dangerous consequences.

To avoid any damage to the safe itself as well as to the environment (walls, floors, stairs), in addition to the human injuries, our expert movers are well trained.

Their training also covers the protection of the floors on which they walk when moving a safe. So, whenever it is needed, they will place protection on the floor all along the indoor path followed by the safe, both at the old address and the new one.

Moving a safe is a highly complex task that requires strength, skill and proper equipment. Demenaris movers have all those characteristics and can easily carry out the operation successfully for you.

Any Type of Safe

We can help moving a safe, any safe, regardless of its dimensions or characteristics. It could be a small safety box bolted in your wall or floor that you have at your home to store some jewels or important documents.

If you have a business, that could also be a larger safe where you store precious objects or cash. We can also help moving a safe like that.

Just as we can take up the task of moving a firearm safe, whether it stores handguns or rifles.

It does not matter if the safe is on the ground floor, on a second floor or in the basement, nothing scares us and we have all the required skills to assist you with no problem.


No matter the size or the type of safe you want to move around, we have the skills and the proper tools to take care of that for you.

Our specialists can take care of moving a safe as well as helping you in the preparation stages of this important move.

They will plan with you the best way to optimize the preparation of your safe for the moving day; they will walk the path the safe will take inside the building and they will evaluate the need for additional protection along the way to prevent any breakage.

The first step to move your safe, whether it is within the same house, store or office space, or from one building to another one, is to contact us with the details of your safe and your exact needs. Together, we will see how we can meet your needs, while offering you a detailed free quote.