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Moving to Lachenaie

Lachenaie was an independent city until 2001, when it was merged with Terrebonne in the wave of municipal mergers that took place that year. It is a large territory southwest of the old Terrebonne downtown. Moving to Lachenaie is thus moving to Terrebonne, even if the heart of Lachenaie is about 15 kilometers away from the old Terrebonne.
Moving To Lachinaie
Moving to lachinaie

Moving to Lachenaie

It is a sector not so developed, in terms of real estate, as most of the territory is still occupied by farmland. If you make the choice of moving to Lachenaie, you will then be very close to nature.

But for moving to Lachenaie or in another part of Terrebonne, it is always advisable to get help from an experienced moving company that will be able to take care of various steps for transferring your belongings. A moving company in Lachenaie like Demenaris can easily assist you in this process (consult the opinions of our customers on Google).

Easy Access / Exemplary movers

Since the Lachenaie neighborhood is located at the meeting point of highways 40 and 640, it is very easy to reach it from both Montreal Island and North Shore. Of course, inversely, you can easily reach those regions from Lachenaie. Moving to Lachenaie thus allows you to still be totally connected to the Greater Montreal Area.

In fact, you can reach out Montreal downtown in about 30 minutes. You would need the same time to reach Sainte-Therese. Moreover, you are just a few minutes away from downtown Terrebonne heading west, or Repentigny if you head east. Lachenaie features a few urban parks, but none has access to the river.

However, the original Terrebonne territory has plenty of natural access to water and to magnificent parks. On top of that, Terrebonne has many golf courses, so, they are close to Lachenaie.

Despite its proximity with Repentigny and Terrebonne, the Lachenaie sector features an important commercial activity and we can easily find large stores and all the services of much larger cities, including movie theaters. Before its merge, Lachenaie had about 21,000 inhabitants, to give you an idea of the infrastructure in place in that sector.

Moving to Lachinaie with Demenaris: Moving company in Lachenaie

Moving To Lachenaie
Moving to lachinaie

For Moving to Lachenaie or elsewhere in the Great Montreal Area, you can count on the expertise and experience of a moving company like Demenaris. Our teams have already completed hundreds of moves over short and long distances. We offer a turnkey solution that includes all the steps of your relocation.

We can first take care of the packing of all your belongings, especially the most fragile ones, and tie them up properly inside the truck to ensure they will stay in place during the transportation and that nothing breaks. When you are moving to Lachenaie, our professionals also take the time to dismantle your large furniture pieces (beds, bookcases, etc.).

That helps to wrap and pack the various parts in order to ensure their protection. That also reduces the weight or dimensions of the furniture piece, making it easier to handle. All this is part of the complete and necessary process of moving to Lachenaie.

If you want to move away from Lachenaie, we can also serve you well and transport all your belongings to any part of Montréal area, anywhere else in Québec and even in Canada.

Other Services in Lachenaie

Moving To Lachinaie
Moving to lachinaie

If you already live in Lachenaie, you do not need moving to Lachenaie, but you could require the delivery of furniture or household appliances that you have bought in Montréal or Laval. We have a delivery service for this kind of situation in which the store or the individual from whom you have bought the item cannot deliver it to you in Lachenaie.

We also take care of assembling any furniture. With the thousands of moves we have completed; we have developed a vast expertise in the disassembling and reassembling of furniture. We can put this expertise at your service and avoid you many worries and frustrations related to furniture assembly.

Heavy Objects / Moving piano and pool table

Besides moving to Lachenaie, or request a delivery to their home, people from Lachenaie area can also hire us to move massive and heavy objects inside their home. Once again, thanks to our many years of experience in doing all types of moves, we have the expertise and the required tools to move along any type of heavy object.

Your pool table, your piano, your massive bookcase or any other furniture piece that is heavy or bulky will be handled with care and professionalism in order to ensure its integrity. Whether you want to move it from one building to another, from one floor to another or simply from one room to another, we can take care of that for you.

The best movers in Lachenaie

If you are moving to Lachenaie, now a part of Terrebonne, you could want to do it to get closer to nature, to stay near the water or to reconnect to farming activity. When you settle down in Lachenaie, you stay connected with all the region through the highways 40 and 640.

As for any move, whether it is in the Great Montreal Area, in Quebec or in Canada, over a short or a long distance, it is important to hire a moving company having expertise in all types of moves, like Demenaris. Our teams are made of well-trained experts in using the best practices and know how to use the tools of the trade at their disposal to ensure the safety of your belongings.

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