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Turnkey solution

Turnkey Solution / Turnkey move

Moving is a very complex operation that has many stages. Some of those stages you cannot pass on to someone else, like address changes.

However, for the steps related to transferring your belongings to the new address, you can get a complete assistance from a professional moving company, like Demenaris, through a turnkey solution.

We offer you an entire array of services according to your needs to get a complete move through a total turnkey solution. You will have as little work to do as you wish to, and we will take care of all the rest.

Our expert movers can easily take care of the packing and unpacking of your belongings besides the transportation of course.

Our turnkey solution also includes the positioning of your furniture and the installation of your household appliances. Of course, we also provide all the packing material.


Turnkey Moving Service
Déménagement demenaris

The most arduous task in a move is to pack all the items and well spread them based on their weight, their dimensions, their destination room, and, of course, their fragility.

We always end up with one or two articles for which we cannot find the proper box to pack them and protect them properly.

With our turnkey solution, you will not have to face such worries or challenges. First, we will provide all the packing material and containers to protect your belongings, no matter their size. Obviously, we provide wardrobe boxes to transfer your hung clothes.

If you prefer to pack some of your items yourself, you can still do that with our turnkey solution. However, we highly recommend that you let our expert movers take care of packing all your fragile items.

To do so, they will use the best packing techniques and the best packing supplies adapted to the specifics of each item, even create custom boxes or cases when needed.

Loading, Transportation and Unloading

Turnkey Moving Service
Déménagement demenaris

Once all your belongings have been packed through our turnkey solution, our professionals will place them all in the moving truck, positioning each and every household appliance, furniture and box in a way to ensure their total safety.

Household appliances and furniture will be protected with moving covers, which will be clean and in perfect condition, before being correctly anchored inside the truck so they do not move during the transportation. Boxes will also be piled up and well tied up so they will not fall.

The driver will drive carefully and will avoid speedy turns, to prevent any shifting of the contents of the truck. Once arrived at the new address, the truck will be unloaded. Since it is a turnkey solution, everything will be done for you.

Your only task will be to show to our movers where you want them to place your furniture and boxes.


Once the moving truck has been completely unloaded and that all your furniture, household appliances and boxes were placed in the right rooms, we will then, within this turnkey solution, proceed to the unpacking of the boxes our expert movers will have filled up for you at your old address.

We can also unpack the boxes that you have packed yourself if you want to.

Your clothes on hangers will be transferred from the wardrobe boxes to your wardrobes so you can find them exactly as they were before. This will allow you to recover your daily routine more quickly in your new home.

Of course, moving covers and all other protections will be removed from your furniture and household appliances.

Moving supplies (covers, boxes, etc.) will be picked up and placed back in the truck, leaving your new home clean and organized after our turnkey solution. Great care will be given to the unpacking of your fragile objects.


Once all your furniture and household appliances have been unpacked, they will be positioned wherever you want them. The appliances will be put in place, connected to electricity and to any other service, like water or an air exit.

With our turnkey solution, all your appliances will be functional before we leave and you will be able to resume the normal course of your life more rapidly.

If we had to disassemble furniture to ease their transportation and protection, they will be reassembled and be fully functional again. Our movers are experts in the assembly of furniture and in the installation of household appliances.

Your fragile items will be carefully unpacked and put at the location of your choice.


Our turnkey solution allows you to find your normal life as soon as possible, and avoid the box nightmare. Someone who would arrive at your new home after our departure would probably not notice you just moved in. We will take care of everything for you, from packing to installation.

Your only job will be to supervise the distribution of boxes and furniture within your new home so everything is placed where and how you want it, but without you having to make any effort.

A move with our turnkey solution allows you to avoid many worries and frustrations. It could take a bit more time to plan, because it requires more human and material resources, besides usually be spread over a few days (packing, transportation, unpacking), but it is an all-inclusive service.

Do not hesitate to contact us if this kind of service is what you are looking for, and we will see how to simplify your life to the maximum.

At Demenaris, we are there to serve you for all aspects of a move, small or big, local or over a long distance.