Moving to Sainte-Therese

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Moving to Sainte-Therese

In order to facilitate your move to Sainte-Therese, you can request the services of our company, Demenaris. Staffed with qualified, well-equipped, courteous and dynamic employees, we will provide you with a fast, personalized and efficient service. Whatever the size of your project, we will use our expertise to guarantee your total satisfaction. With the mission of allowing all Quebecers to achieve their moving project, Demenaris offers a wide range of services at unbeatable prices. Find out in this article the services we offer to our customers.

Moving To Sainte-Therese

Residential Moving to Sainte-Therese

Whether for a local move to Sainte-Therese or a long-distance move, our professionals will be entirely at your disposal to provide you with quality support. In order to satisfy all of our customers, Demenaris offers personalized support according to your budget.

Affordable Moving Service in Sainte-Therese

With a limited budget, you can go for our low-cost formula, which will allow you to benefit from our services of loading, transporting, and unloading your objects and furniture.

With this formula, the responsibility of supplying boxes and covers, packaging, disassembly, and reassembly of your furniture is yours.

In addition, if you have a workforce that can help you with the loading and unloading of your items, then you can contact us only for the transportation of your items. Thus, we will provide you a truck with a driver who will help you safely transport your belongings.

Some Tips for a Good Preparation for Your Move

Moving To Sainte-Therese
Déménagement demenaris

In order for your move to take place quickly and without stress, it is important not to neglect any parameter. So, for a quick moving to Sainte-Therese, we recommend that you get rid of your unnecessary items so you have fewer items to pack.

For the safety of your items, we advise you to avoid using already used boxes but opt for solid boxes of different sizes. For the packaging of your items, please separate fragile and non-fragile items in different boxes, taking care to mention on each box the room for which it is intended.

To carefully protect your fragile items, we recommend using bubble wrap or bleached paper. After having protected them and inserted in boxes, write the word “FRAGILE” on the boxes containing delicate objects.

For your household appliances, we recommend that you pack them in their original boxes. Also, consider using plastic covers to protect your mattresses.

For your massive furniture, we recommend you to dismantle them in order to facilitate their transfer. In addition, you must prepare a parking space near your residence so that the movers can proceed with the rapid transfer of your furniture and objects.

Turnkey Moving Service in Sainte-Therese

With our turnkey formula, you will benefit from our know-how at all stages of the project since we will take care of all activities.

When you opt for this offer, we take care of the supply of the packaging material, the packing and the unpacking of your objects, of dismantling and reassembling your furniture, of the loading of your furniture and objects, of their transportation and unloading.

At the end of the project, we guarantee your total satisfaction after seeing the results.

Commercial Movers in Sainte-Therese / Moving to Sainte-Therese

Carrying out a commercial moving to Saint-Therese is a very important project that must be done as quickly as possible in order to allow activities to resume. To do this, Demenaris implements a specific strategy that will allow your business to be relocated in a record time.

Whatever the scope of your project moving to Sainte-Therese, we assure you speed, professionalism, and dynamism. We specialize in moving heavy commercial items and electronic devices safely. To carry out your project moving to Sainte-Therese, we provide you with a set of possibilities that will allow you to customize your relocation.

Furniture and Appliances Delivery Service

Moving To Sainte-Therese
Déménagement demenaris

In the range of services offered by Demenaris, you can take advantage of the delivery service of furniture and household appliances. In fact, we have a team of professional deliverers who make deliveries to all parts of the Greater Montreal area.

They will take care of collecting your items, packing them carefully, loading, transporting, unloading them as well as assembling the furniture.

Therefore, after purchasing heavy furniture for your business or household appliances for your home, you can contact us to take advantage of the services of our professionals.

Piano Movers in Sainte-Therese

Our company is adequately equipped to move your piano safely and at a very competitive price. To do this, our moving professionals implement a very detailed action plan that considers each step of transferring your precious object.

Whatever type of piano you have, our experts will take care of its complete dismantlement, protecting each part, the loading, and unloading of the piano, its transport, and its reinstallation.

Pool Table Movers and Assemblers in Sainte-Therese

If you want to move your pool table to Sainte-Therese, it is highly recommended for its safety that you call on moving professionals. Very fragile, the pool table can be seriously damaged because of improper handling during its move.

Thus, our professionals will make every effort to carry out the safe transfer of your precious furniture. Having a complete mastery of moving techniques, our experts will carry out the dismantling, packaging, loading, transportation, and unloading tasks for your pool table.

In addition, they will take care of the transportation of your furniture, and unpacking, and its complete installation. In order to satisfy you completely, our experts will also replace the pool table cloth as well as levelling it to guarantee you unparalleled gaming moments.