Moving to Les Cedres

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Moving to Les Cedres

The COVID-19 sanitary crisis has sped up the spreading of the population around cities, and it has allowed many people to be able to work from home at least part of their week. Why not do it in an environment that is more enjoyable than the city then? Especially if you still easily get to the city when needed, for occasional work at the office or to enjoy the various benefits of a large city.
Moving To Les Cedres
Moving to les cedres

Moving to Les Cedres

Moving to Les Cedres gives you that flexibility while allowing you to live by the river in a small community, but still very well connected to neighboring cities by an excellent road network. Families and some businesses might be tempted of moving to Les Cedres.

In both cases, it is preferable to do business with a professional moving company which, besides transporting your belongings safely, also offers you complementary services like delivery and storage.

Demenaris: Efficient m0vers in Les Cedres

The small town of Les Cedres has just about 7,000 inhabitants. It is located on the peninsula that connects Quebec to Ontario, on the north shore of the river, facing Valleyfield. It is a peaceful little corner in an agricultural environment.

For those working in the western part of the Montreal Island (like in Pointe-Claire), it is an excellent choice to establish your residence, since you will just about 30 km away from your workplace. Otherwise, moving to Les Cedres still offers you a quiet living environment with the benefit of having nearby cities offering you most of the products and services.

Indeed, since you would be only 15 km away from Vaudreuil-Dorion and about 20 km away from Valleyfield. If you want to go beyond there, Les Cedres is located very near to Highway 20 and Highway 20, giving you easy access to Montreal and its extensive south shore, with all the products and services you can imagine.

Moving to Les Cedres thus allows you to fully enjoy fresh air in a peaceful environment, while still being easily connected to medium-size cities and Montreal.

Residential Move in Les Cedres

Moving To Les Cedres
Moving to les cedres

Because of its proximity to Montreal, while offering a totally different living environment, Les Cedres attracts families. Moving to Les Cedres allows them to have a quality natural environment within farmland territory and on the shore of the river. This is, of course, a perfect choice to reconnect with nature and the river.

But, just like so many other things, moving to Les Cedres is not something to be improved and things need to be done right to complete this important transition successfully. Hopefully, you can count on the expertise and experience of a professional moving company to support you during all the steps along the process. This company is Demenaris.

Besides boxes and household appliances, our experts will take care of protecting and handling your furniture like only professionals can do. If needed, they will be able to disassemble your large furniture pieces to get smaller pieces, which will be easier to protect and handle.

Commercial Move in Les Cedres

Moving To Les Cedres
Moving to les cedres

Businesses are relatively rare in this tiny community; it is thus not surprising that some merchants are thinking about moving to Les Cedres to enrich the products and services offered in this location.

The area is especially attractive for businesses offering proximity services. But no matter the type of your business, or its size, we have the experience and the necessary equipment to move your business while reducing to a minimum your downtime.

If you consider moving to Les Cedres, entrust the operation to a professional moving company to assist you during the entire process.

Other moving services offered by Demenaris in Les Cedres

One of the complementary services offered by a professional moving company is the delivery. This is a very useful service if you have found, somewhere within the Greater Montreal Area, some furniture or household appliance of your dreams, but the vendor does not offer the delivery up to Les Cedres.

Making such a delivery for us is just moving to Les Cedres. Whether the vendor is a merchant or an individual, we will go pick up your item and bring it to you. Sometimes, when moving to Les Cedres, you will need to store your belongings in order to, for example, complete the renovation of your new home.

Demenaris offers you a short-term storage service within our safe and supervised warehouse. We also offer you a furniture assembly service, either at your home or at your office/business location.

Moving company in Les Cedres hiring only professionals

As we just saw, moving to Les Cedres means that you will be in a natural and enjoyable setting, with a more relaxed pace of life, while still being connected to midsize cities and Montreal through an excellent and easily accessible road network.

The town of Les Cedres also offers to businesses, especially to those of proximity services, many excellent business opportunities if they choose to settle down there to increase the services offered to the local and regional population. Both families and businesses can find what they are looking for in this tiny town close to Montreal.

However, it is much preferable to do business with a professional moving company, like Demenaris, to avoid surprises and to ensure that your belongings will be well protected and cared for when moving to Les Cedres.

Do not hesitate to contact us today to discuss your needs in terms of moving, delivery, or any other services we might be able to offer you. It is never too early to contact us.