Moving to Pointe-Claire

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Moving to Pointe-Claire

The title of this post might be a bit daring, but in truth, moving without using our services as professional movers is a real challenge. In fact, it is never easy to move alone, and it is much easier to do it with an experienced team. Whether you own a studio or run a large commercial enterprise, moving without the help of professionals in the business is not a given. It’s hardly about leaving everything to the movers, but rather handing them over the bulk of the work to be done and trusting their experience through the process. Aware of these realities, at Demenaris, we offer you our fast and inexpensive moving services. Established for some time now in the city of Pointe-Claire in Quebec, we support this charming community in all its needs in terms of moves and changes in the living environment. Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our moving expertise, because our team is ready to help you.

Moving To Pointe-Claire

Affordable Moving to Pointe-Claire

Imagine that Demenaris offers you inexpensive help. We know that moving can prove very expensive when considering certain companies in the market. Therefore, in Pointe-Claire, we provide you with student moving services that will not drain your finances.

Although we have a list of prices assigned to each category of the moving to Pointe-Claire (residential, commercial, delivery of appliances, assembly of furniture, etc.), we offer you the possibility of discussing the financial terms depending on the work to be done.

We will certainly reach an agreement because we know how to show both professionalism and flexibility.

On the other hand, remember that our services require, among other things, the payment of a deposit. Once the advance stipulated in the moving contract is paid, we are ready to deploy our team of Pointe-Claire movers to the field to begin the work.

However, our company does not accept you to pay your fees in instalments. In other words, we cannot accept monthly payments over time if you cannot afford to pay it all in one transaction.

Also, for certain categories of moving operations in Pointe-Claire, we grant you discounts which can considerably reduce the price you will have to pay for our services. So, help us help you save money on your project moving to Pointe-Claire.

A Great Customer Service With Demenaris

Moving To Pointe-Claire
Déménagement demenaris

It is easy to benefit from our services and advantages: just get in touch with our customer service. Our personnel will provide you with all the details necessary to conclude your contract.

At Demenaris, there is no verbal contract, all contracts must be in writing. We are very keen that all conclusions reached from our discussions with you be notified in a written contract signed by each party.

Thus, before signing the contract, we recommend that you let us know all your expectations regarding the moving to Pointe-Claire so that nothing is forgotten in this precious document.

However, if a detail has not been mentioned in the contract, we give you the possibility, by an addendum, to make the necessary changes.

You do not have to come to our office to sign the contract, because once our customer service has virtually received all your proposals, they can take care of including it in the terms of the contract. With us at Demenaris, we will satisfy you even from a distance.

Our customer service is available at any time, 24 hours a day, whether by email or phone.

A Variety of Moving Services in Pointe-Claire

Entirely at the service of the community, we offer many services that will meet all your moving to Pointe-Claire needs. We do local and long-distance moving. Whether you are an individual or a business, we are ready to serve you.

If, as an individual, you dream of moving to one of the chic suburbs of Pointe-Claire, contact us quickly at Demenaris.

Our team will take care of making your dream a reality on time with an appropriate residential moving to Pointe-Claire offer.

Likewise, if, as a professional, your desire is to change the image of your business by relocating it, you maximize your chances of doing so without a problem with Demenaris. In fact, we make sure to plan all our moves carefully, considering the requests of our customers.

We know that nothing good comes from anarchy, which is why we take our contractual responsibilities very seriously. In the same optics, our collaboration with seniors is always crowned with success as we employ the best of our movers to support them during this transition.

Delivery Experts in Pointe-Claire

Moving To Pointe-Claire
Déménagement demenaris

Maybe you want to surprise a loved one for a birthday, a wedding, a graduation ceremony, or another occasion. Contact our delivery service, at Demenaris, as soon as possible.

Our goal is to make it easy for you. To this extent, we put our team of delivery people at your disposal to help you with your important and your daily purchases, such as the purchase of household appliances.

Take advantage of our fast delivery services in Pointe-Claire at unbeatable prices to transport the excess weight that you cannot bear. With quality packaging (boxes or gift bags), we offer to deliver your purchases to you without damage.

Regardless of the distance, our team of delivery people, using motorcycles or delivery trucks, will meet the deadline without difficulty.

Heavy Move Experts in Pointe-Claire

At Demenaris, we can also assist you in the arrangement of your furniture, because we have a team of qualified furniture assemblers. These moving professionals can disassemble, transfer, and reassemble furniture. Let our team relieve you of these tasks.

The same goes for transporting heavy furniture, such as a piano or a pool table.