Moving to Beauharnois

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Moving to Beauharnois

Beauharnois is a small town on the South Shore, at the west end of Montreal Island. It hosts many important industries in addition to a hydroelectric dam and a passageway for the St. Lawrence Seaway. It is a city with a dynamic economy that attracts both industries and their workers. Many people are moving to Beauharnois to get closer to their workplace.
Moving To Beauharnois
Moving to beauharnois

Moving to Beauharnois

Beauharnois is very easy to reach, because it is connected to a major highway in addition to an important secondary road. If you make the decision of moving to Beauharnois, you will have easy access to larger cities in the area, like Chateauguay and Vaudreuil-Dorion, besides having access to the western part of the Montreal Island.

No matter the reason you are moving to Beauharnois, contact a company specialized in moves of all kinds, like Demenaris, in order to get help in that complex process.

Human-Scale City

With its 12,000 inhabitants, Beauharnois is an industrial city that is at a human scale. Because of its industrial vocation, Beauharnois attracts large companies from various areas, like the Kruger paper company or the Rio Tinto Alcan aluminum factory for the heavy and traditional industries.

But there are also high-tech industries that have decided moving to Beauharnois, like OVH and its data center. Despite those big industrial players, it is a city that has many green spaces and easy access to the water, because it is on the shore of the Saint-Louis Lake, a section of the St. Lawrence River.

Moving to Beauharnois is thus still an opportunity to get closer to nature. The possibilities of water activities are endless, whether on the Saint-Louis Lake or on the river bearing the same name that ends in the lake. There is also the Beauharnois-Salaberry regional park along the canal of the St. Lawrence Seaway, offering a great location for walking and cycling.

Easy to Reach / Fast and careful movers in Beauharnois

For the needs of the industries and their workers, Beauharnois is well connected to the neighboring cities by the road network. Highway 30, connecting all South Shore of Montreal, passes just south of the city.

On the northern side of the city, along the river shore, you will find the road 132. If you have the project of moving to Beauharnois, you will access to roads and highways bringing you to bigger cities in just a few minutes.

Heading west, Highway 30 connects to Highway 20, giving you easy access to the western part of the Montreal Island. You can also easily take road 138 heading to the U.S. border (city of Malone, New York state).

Easy Move in Beauharnois: Residential and commercial moving in Beauharnois

Moving To Beauharnois
Moving to beauharnois

As for any move, whether it is residential, commercial or even industrial, if you plan on moving to Beauharnois, it is much easier to do it if you hire a specialized moving company, as it is the case of Demenaris. Our Beauharnois movers have years of experience in all types of moves, over short and long distances.

They have all the professional equipment and accessories to handle and transport all your belongings, furniture and household appliances easily and safely, for them to arrive at the destination in perfect condition. Moving to Beauharnois can be done hassle-free. We can adapt to all your needs, from a simple transportation service with a driver to a full-blown turnkey service.

Our turnkey service covers all the steps of the moving process, from packing to the final installation in your new home, including, of course, all the loading, transportation and unloading steps. Our experienced movers have already seen all situations and handled all kinds of objects. They will perfectly know how to handle all your large furniture easily.

Sometimes, they might have to disassemble a large furniture piece in order to facilitate its handling and total protection. In such a case, they will, of course, reassemble it so it can be used as before (you can see the presentation of our company on YouTube).

Delivery Service in Beauharnois

We also offer a delivery service to bring to your place a furniture piece or a household appliance that you could have bought in a Montreal store not offering delivery up to Beauharnois. We can pick up any furniture, appliance or any other item (like a pool table or a piano, for example) from a store or an individual and carry out its moving to Beauharnois, or anywhere else in the region.

Nothing is too large or too complex to transport. We have the experience and the required equipment in order to ensure that everything will arrive at your place in perfect condition. Our movers can also take care of assembling your furniture if you wish so.

Moving company in Beauharnois at its best

Moving To Beauharnois
Moving to beauharnois

Whether it is to get closer to your work or nature, moving to Beauharnois is a good option. You will then be in a more pleasing living environment than in a large city, while being easily able to connect with larger cities with an efficient road network, which can even lead you to the United States!

Our expert movers can easily take care of all tasks related to moving to Beauharnois, from the simplest to the most complex ones. Our goal is to simplify your life and to do all we can to smooth up this important transition.

Contact us to discuss your needs and projects. Together, we will see how we can help you, evaluate the services you need and we will provide you a free quote. Then, you will see that getting professional moving services does not have to cost a fortune.