Moving to Verdun

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Moving to Verdun

Has your family grown and you want to move to Verdun? Or, for strategic reasons, you want to relocate your business in this borough of Montreal. Its beautiful residential neighborhoods along the St. Lawrence River offer many economic opportunities, which is why it is not surprising that this city attracts new residents every year, and particularly retail players. There is a great diversity of real estate there: family homes, commercial and industrial buildings. But Verdun is also the ideal city for those who are looking for a peaceful life in a green environment. For individuals and businesses, there are therefore many advantages to move to this city. However, moving is never easy. Both small and large moves have one thing in common: they cause stress. This is why our company, Demenaris, which specializes in long-distance moving services, puts professionals at your disposal. Aware of the many difficulties you could face during this type of operation, our experienced teams will know how to avoid any disappointment.
Moving To Verdun

For a Residential Move / Moving to Verdun

For this type of move, trust our company. A team of professional movers will plan the transfer of your personal effects and furniture in the best conditions.

Furniture Move

Rest assured that your belongings will be transferred with care. Demenaris realizes that the stress is even greater when you are in the possession of a fragile instrument such as a piano that is so heavy and complex to move. Our piano moving team will know how to handle it correctly, whether it is during packaging or during transportation.

As for the pool table, it may be necessary to take it apart in order to ensure damage-free transportation. Everything will then be well strapped. Once arrived at the destination, the pool table will be reassembled and then installed.

In terms of packaging, our specialists use plastic covers, blankets, or bubble wrap to ensure the safety of your belongings during transportation. It is the same for the delivery service of furniture and appliances.

Your furniture or household appliances will be well packaged and protected so they do not suffer any damage. If it is necessary to dismantle certain pieces of furniture to facilitate their transportation, a furniture assembly service can take care of reassembling them once at their destination.

In addition, our movers will use furniture lifts if the stairs or elevator in your place of residence are too narrow. So, you can have peace of mind when you move, because we make the safety of your belongings our primary concern.

Moves for Students

Are you a prospective student at one of the city’s colleges and about to move? Entrust your move to a professional. We offer you quality services and can provide you with a formula suited to your budget. Your personal effects, your belongings, as well as your furniture, will be in expert hands, you will not have to fear for their safety.

Senior Citizens Moving

Moving is even more difficult for older people, especially if they are forced to move out of the home where they have lived for many years. In addition, there are the difficulties that a move can present from the packaging of the goods until their installation in their future place of residence.

It is obvious that in this situation, the intervention of moving professionals is essential. Demenaris offers a service specially designed for senior citizens. This service includes the packing of their personal effects, dismantling of their furniture, packaging of fragile objects, unpacking and reassembly on arrival, etc.

The goal is to support them before, during, and after the move. Thus, elderly people will not have to worry about potential difficulties or the constraints caused by this big change.

For a Commercial Move / Moving to Verdun

Relocating a business can become an opportunity for it to grow and expand its customer base. But moving your business is also an operation that requires good preparation, especially if the volume to be moved is significant. Our movers have experience in transporting non-standard equipment over long distances.

The move will therefore be well coordinated. Your fragile equipment such as computers, photocopiers, printers, will be well packaged in bubble wrap or professional packaging suitable for this purpose in order to absorb shocks during transportation. Once at the destination, they will quickly be installed in your new premises.

Take Advantage of an Affordable Move

The cost of your move will be estimated based on the volume of your goods, the time of the year during which you wish to move, the packaging used, the special equipment needed to move large furniture (for example a furniture lift).

Since many people decide to move to this city every year, you also have the option of opting for a bulk move. Your goods will be shipped at a low cost, and you can save even more.

Other Additional Services

If for special reasons you need to store your belongings somewhere for an indefinite period, we also offer a storage service in a secure location.

The size of the transportation vehicle will also be well suited to the volume to be moved.

For a reliable local move, do not hesitate to call on Demenaris. You can be sure that your move will be completed within the deadlines set out in the contract. You yourselves will be surprised at the result. Even when it’s a last-minute move, you can trust our team (consult the opinions of our satisfield customers).