Moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Déménagement Mont-Saint-Hilaire Québec

Déménagement Mont-Saint-Hilaire Québec

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Many people want to leave the big city and get closer to nature, while still being close enough to the city to be able to go there regularly for various reasons (work, shopping, see friends, etc.), even without having a car. Many have thus opted for moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

Moving To Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire

This suburb city is extremely accessible thanks to the highway and the suburban train, allowing you to go in and out of close-by Montreal.

Moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire means you are still within the Great Montreal Area.

For any move within the Montreal region or towards Mont-Saint-Hilaire from anywhere in Quebec or in Canada, you can trust a professional moving company like Demenaris.

An Accessible Suburb

Mont-Saint-Hilaire is a small town of less than 20,000 inhabitants, located just in front of Beloeil, across from the Richelieu River. It is less than 40 km away from Downtown Montreal.

Moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire is opting for a quiet countryside-like environment and fresh air, while still being part of the Great Montreal Area.

The town is easily accessible from Montreal, because the Trans-Canada highway (the “20”) passes through there and there is even an exit leading directly to Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

There are also many other roads crisscrossing the region and interconnecting all the small towns together. Even if you do not own a car, you can use the EXO suburban train linking Montreal’s main train station to Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

You can do the trip in less than an hour to let you go in town for work or shopping.

In summary, if you decide moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire you will benefit from a more enjoyable environment while still being near Montreal, which you can easily reach to access all its services.

It is like the best of both worlds; every day quiet environment with all the resources and activities of the large city when you need them.

A Natural Environment

Mont-Saint-Hilaire area is in a semi-rural environment, surrounded by farming land and many natural parks.

Moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire definitely means getting closer to nature with, first, the Richelieu River flowing between Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Beloeil, on which you can do lots of water sports and activities; there is even a dock right in the town’s center to have easy access to the water.

Then, there are many parks in which do very enjoyable strolls in any season. We are talking here about the McGill University’s Gault natural reserve and of the Saint-Hilaire’s mountain.

It is fun to walk through them in any season, but, of course, it is absolutely magical in fall when nature reveals its most beautiful colours.

Finally, if moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire also means getting closer to many golf courses, including one in the town itself, and two in close proximity.

Residential and Commercial Moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Moving To Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Déménagement demenaris

When you want moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire, entrust the operation to a well-established moving company that is proud to have a very enjoyable reputation, like Demenaris.

We can offer you all the services related to transferring your belongings, furniture and household appliances towards Mont-Saint-Hilaire, no matter where you leave from (check out our reviews on Google).

We carry out all types of moves, of all sizes, over any distance. Whether it is for a complete residential, commercial or even industrial move, we have the specialized tools of the trade and well-trained personnel to take care of any job at hand.

Even if it were a small student move, leaving Mont-Saint-Hilaire to get closer to one of the many universities in Montreal, we can do it. We can also move the entire contents of a store. We have you covered no matter what.

If you are leaving from within the Greater Montreal Area and moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire, this will most likely be considered a local move because of the short distance.

But even if you are leaving from somewhere else in Quebec, we are here to help you, because we often make long-distance moves.

Other Services

Besides the full-blown residential, commercial and industrial moves, we offer complementary services related to all types of moves of objects.

We can move any large or heavy furniture (even the very fragile ones like a piano or a pool table) within your house, with all the care and professionalism required for such a delicate task.

We also offer furniture assembly services to spare you the worries and frustrations. But our most-demanded service is the one of delivery.

If you buy furniture or a household appliance from an individual or from a store not delivering to Mont-Saint-Hilaire, we can easily pick up the article for you and bring it to you and install it in your home, like a miniature moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire.

Highly ranked movers in Mont-Saint-Hilaire

Moving To Mont-Saint-Hilaire
Déménagement demenaris

There are many reasons you could want to moving to Mont-Saint-Hilaire; to get away from the city but while still being able to reach it easily, or to get closer to nature or to your favorite golf course, this little town offers an excellent life environment.

To help you make the move with all your belongings, furniture and household appliances with no worry, hire a professional moving company that has the experience for all types of moves as well as the expertise to handle all your items.

Our expert movers will surprise you by their skills and their professionalism.

Contact us to discuss your moving projects and to get a free quote; you will see that getting first-class moving services does not have to cost a fortune.