Moving to Mirabel

Déménagement Mirabel Québec

Déménagement Mirabel Québec

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Have you just finished the construction of your house? You now have to think about moving in. Or, have you found an office space for your company? Organizing the transfer of your furniture equipment then becomes something urgent. If you live in Mirabel or its surroundings, you don’t have to worry about all those worries. We put experts at your disposal who won’t fail to satisfy you. Our company, Demenaris, guarantees you quality services in all respect for your possessions. We present you here all the details about our services. 

Moving To Mirabel

Moving to Mirabel? Major Services of Demenaris

To offer you complete satisfaction, our moving company can help you through many services. So, if you want to rearrange your home or move to new offices, you can contact us at any time.

Residential Move Between Montréal and Mirabel

If you live in Mirabel or in a surrounding town, you surely have heard of our services offered to both individuals and professionals. Every day, we intervene in all the region, including for residential moves.

Thanks to our professionalism, we take care of all moving to Mirabel projects, with a guarantee of quality. So, if you wish to change residence or rent a new apartment in the city or around it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our company, Demenaris, is at your entire disposal. We’ll carry out the transfer of all your belonging in the best conditions and with optimal safety.

By using our professionals, you’ll benefit from many services. For residential moves, you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • Packing and boxing of all your fragile items;
  • Cleaning and packing of your electronic devices;
  • Packing and unpacking of all your personal belongings;
  • Transportation and assembly of all furniture and accessories;
  • Loading, safe transportation, and unloading of all your possessions.

Commercial Move Between Montréal and Mirabel

Moving To Mirabel
Déménagement demenaris

Besides our residential moving to Mirabel services, we also offer our commercial moving to Mirabel services to professionals and businesses. So, if you want to change the premises for your business or transfer the headquarters of your company, we’ll address all your concerns.

Our experts will take charge of your project and will ensure the transfer of all your belongings to the new location. Our moving to Mirabel company, Demenaris, has all the required qualities to offer various services to various types of businesses.

In and around Mirabel, we can thus guarantee a simple move within the desired timeframe. For the safety of your various accessories and equipment (documents, furniture, devices, fragile items, etc.), you don’t have to worry; we offer all the guarantees.

For any commercial moving to Mirabel, Demenaris offers you various services. To give you an idea, here are some interesting details:

  •  Transfer of computers and any other electronic devices;
  •  Provision of supplies and archive boxes, etc.;
  •  Filing and transfer of all your documents and important files;
  •  Packing and unpacking;
  •  Particular handling and labeling for the disposition of the premises;
  •  Sorting of the articles according to workstations.

In order to better plan your commercial move, you can also contact us, Demenaris, for a detailed quote. We will then provide you with all the details to complete your moving project, as well as the total cost.

For a fair quote, we’ll always consider various elements: available access points, the rooms to vacate, equipment, devices, furniture to disassemble and reassemble, available boxes, number of floors of the business, etc.

We are also used to do industrial and commercial deliveries of various types of heavy equipment to the Industrial Park of Mirabel (Saint-Janvier).

Long-Distance Move from and to Mirabel / Best Movers in Demenaris

For all people living in or around Mirabel, we are available to help you with all your long-distance moving needs. For those wishing to move to a new house in the city, our company, Demenaris, can support you all the way.

We will send you professionals who will take charge of the various details. Besides the packing of the boxes and their safe loading in the moving truck, we’ll also take care of the unloading once at the destination.

No matter the distance, you’ll always benefit from quality services, and total respect of the agreed timeframe. With our experts, you can complete your move in 24 hours, and be totally moved in less than 48 hours after you left your old residence.

If you have heavy furniture and equipment, don’t worry about their transportation. Our experts will take care of everything related to their transfer. You can even opt for a separate furniture delivery date.

A Few Assets of Our Moving to Mirabel Company

Moving To Mirabel
Déménagement demenaris

If people living in and around Mirabel use our services, it’s mainly because of our professionalism and the advantages we offer. You too, by contacting us, can be satisfied with all your moving to Mirabel projects.

First, we offer you very competitive rates, adapted to any type of move. We also consider criteria like the number of movers, the number of floors, the availability or not of an elevator, the distance, the volume and weight of your possessions, and the time of the year.

On top of this great asset, here are other features that will please you:

  •  A team of dynamic and experienced professionals;
  •  A quality service, in all respect of your possessions;
  •  A moving service that is versatile, flexible, and quick;
  •  A move with all the guarantees;
  •  Transportation of all your belongings in the best conditions;
  •  Availability of boxes and other packing supplies.