Moving to Saint-Zotique

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Moving to Saint-Zotique

The small town of Saint-Zotique in Monteregie region, southwest of Montreal, is both a farmland and a touristic area, very close to the province of Ontario. Moving to Saint-Zotique thus brings you just steps away from Quebec’s neighbor.
Moving To Saint-Zotique
Moving to saint-zotique

Moving to Saint-Zotique

The area is a rural environment dominated by farms and forests, where life goes on at a different pace than the one of the large city of Montreal, which is nearby. People moving to Saint-Zotique do so to get closer to nature, while still being able to go to the big city now and then easily and take advantage of the services there.

If you want to settle down in Saint-Zotique, it is best to hire a professional moving company, like Demenaris; they have all the human and material resources to do the job properly. Demenaris can also take care of delivering furniture or household appliances to your home.

Where Is Saint-Zotique? Demenaris: Trusted movers

Saint-Zotique is in the Monteregie region, just southwest from Montreal, on the land portion between St. Lawrence River and Outaouais River, close to Ontario and the United States. Many people working in the western part of the Montreal Island are moving to Saint-Zotique to have a more peaceful living environment, while still being connected to the city through an excellent road network.

This small municipality with about 8,000 inhabitants is located between Highway 20 and the river. By heading west on the Highway 20, you will reach Ontario in just a few minutes since the interprovincial border is just 10 km away. If you continue for another 40 km, you will reach the city of Cornwall, from which you can easily cross into the United States.

However, if you head east on that same Highway 20, you will find Montreal just 30 km away and, along the way. You will pass by important cities like Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and Vaudreuil-Dorion, which is connected to the Montreal transit through a suburb train.

Moving to Saint-Zotique means you are still in close proximity to large cities you can access anytime for work or shopping, but living in a peaceful and quiet environment.

Nature and Water

As we have already mentioned, the area is mostly farmland, where farming is everywhere. Some of those moving to Saint-Zotique do it to own or work on a farm. But farms are not the only distinctive highlights that make Saint-Zotique famous. For most people from the Greater Montreal Area, the name of the town is synonymous with the beach.

Indeed, the town has a wonderful beach along the St. Lawrence River, attracting tons of city dwellers and tourists all summer long. People go there to soak up the sun and do all kinds of water sports.

While they are at the beach, it is common to see huge boats (like oil tankers and other cargo ships) pass by, since this is the path of the St. Lawrence Seaway. That truly disconnects you from the city instantaneously.

The region is perfect to do virtually any nautical sport during summer, as it has a marina. In winter, this is the only part of Quebec where the river is frozen solid, yielding a unique panorama. In any season, the region is the background setting for outdoor activities all over its vast natural landscapes.

Moving and Other Services

Moving To Saint-Zotique
Moving to saint-zotique

If you are thinking about settling down in this wonderful region and moving to Saint-Zotique, it is always best to do business with an established and professional moving company, like Demenaris. We have all the equipment and accessories, plus the expert-movers skilled to use them, to easily move all your furniture, household appliances and other belongings in all safety.

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Thanks to our many years of experience, we have gained all the required skills to face any situation that might arise during a moving operation, in order to ensure the total safety and integrity of the goods we are transporting for you.

Even if you are not moving to Saint-Zotique, you can call us to move around heavy or bulky objects inside your home. Among those furniture items complicated to move around, we can think about a pool table, a piano or a safe, for example.

Those items are both heavy and fragile, thus require some expertise to handle them correctly in order not to damage them or hurt the people handling them. For this type of item, it is definitely best to call up professionals, like those of Demenaris.

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Moving To Saint-Zotique
Moving to saint-zotique

Many reasons can make you want to consider moving to Saint-Zotique. Whether it is to get away from the city, while still being able to reach it easily, to get closer to nature, to get closer to Ontario or the United States, etc.

In Saint-Zotique, you will take advantage of a quieter living environment, much closer to nature, while still having access to various urban centers. You can also go more frequently to the great beach that attracts so many people from the region.

When it comes to moving to Saint-Zotique, you should entrust the operation to professionals like Demenaris. Besides our moving services, at Demenaris we offer you delivery and heavy items moving services.

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