Moving to Saint-Remi

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Moving to Saint-Remi

Some people and businesses consider moving to Saint-Remi. Among them, some are already on the Montreal Island or its immediate vicinity and want to get a bit farther away on the periphery. While others are currently living in other regions of Quebec (or Canada) and want to get inside the Greater Montreal Area. In both cases, it is preferable to ask help from a professional moving company, like Demenaris, if you plan on moving to Saint-Remi, whether it is a residential move or a commercial move, in order to ensure the absolute safety and security of your belongings.
Moving To Saint-Remi
Moving to saint-remi

Demenaris: Moving to Saint-Remi Company

A professional company will have the trained employees and the appropriate equipment to handle abnormal size items, like pianos, pool tables, etc., with no problem. Their experience will ensure that those items that might be all big, heavy and fragile at the same time, will be perfectly packed or wrapped before they are moved around with great care.

Efficient movers in Saint-Remi

The small town of Saint-Remi, which was known under the names of Saint-Remi-de-LaSalle and Saint-Remi-de-Napierville in the past, barely has 9,000 inhabitants and it is located about 40 km away from Montreal.

Many factors attract families to consider moving to Saint-Remi. For some, it is the possibility to be able to distance themselves from the frenzy of the large city, while still being close to it when they need more specialized products or services. For others, it is to find a better quality of life and a better living environment to raise their children.

While other families are moving to Saint-Remi to get closer to nature, because it is essentially an agricultural environment, where small towns act as local bases for basic services and meeting points of the community. No one is expecting to find all products and services in Saint-Remi; that is impossible considering its size.

However, since the municipality is only a few dozens of kilometers from small cities, like Chateauguay and La Prairie, and just a dozen more get you on the Montreal Island, that makes all the services easily accessible.

Residential Move in Saint-Remi

Moving To Saint-Remi
Moving to saint-remi

In every residential move, there are many boxes containing more or less fragile items (from dishes to clothes, for example), as well as many pieces of furniture and household appliances to be transported when moving to Saint-Remi.

For the boxes, if you pack them yourself, it is important to make sure the content is well protected and not to pack boxes that are too heavy. As professional movers, we must ensure a good positioning of the boxes within the moving truck to avoid the heavier boxes damaging the others.

Regarding the household appliances, it is important to protect them well against bumps and scratches by using moving blankets that are clean and in perfect conditions. For the smallest pieces of furniture, we will apply the same wrapping technique as we do for household appliances when moving to Saint-Remi.

For the largest pieces of furniture, if they can be dismantled, they will be disassembled by our experts at the old address and reassembled at the new location. This will provide smaller (thus easier to handle and protect) and lighter (thus easier to handle) pieces.

Commercial Move in Saint-Remi

Some companies might also face the need of moving to Saint-Remi, in order to increase the service offering in Saint-Remi. Some will do it to transfer all their activity to this small town (like a restaurant, for example).

Other will consider moving to Saint-Remi to open a new branch or establish a new service location. They then need to transfer a smaller volume of items in a less urgent manner because the impact on the continuity of the business is less important. No matter the size or the type of the business to be moved, we have the expertise and the necessary equipment to handle the job professionally.

Moving large items: Pool table and piano

A complex task often faced by both families and businesses is moving around large and heavy objects while moving to Saint-Remi or simply to move those items around within their current house or premises.

Whether it is to move around a piano, a pool table, an aquarium, a glass counter, a safe or any other kind of hard-to-move item, it is preferable to use the services of people who have the expertise in moving those complex items: movers.

A professional moving company, like Demenaris, has the human and material resources required to move around any complex object within your house of commercial premises. We will ensure that the best equipment is used to move around those items, and that this equipment is handled by skilled movers.

Those items need a lot of care to be adequately prepared and protected; a care that only well-trained professionals can provide in order to avoid costly damages to these valuable items that you cherish.

Affordable price for professional movers in Saint-Remi

Moving To Saint-Remi
Moving to saint-remi

Many families and businesses consider moving to Saint-Remi, whether to get away from the big city or to get closer to it. It is then preferable to enlist the help of a professional moving company to ensure the full protection and the right handling of your belongings, no matter their size or weight. Moving experts use the right tools and accessories to do the job safely.

Whether you consider moving to Saint-Remi or elsewhere in Canada (from or to the Greater Montreal Area), Demenaris has the resources to complete your move successfully.

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