Moving to Saint-Lambert

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Moving to Saint-Lambert

Moving is a medium- to long-term project that should not be taken lightly. In Saint-Lambert, a team of moving experts is at your side to help you move your business furniture and other possessions smoothly. The movers will know how to take care of your belongings if you do not have time to look after them or if you are a senior citizen. For a long- or short-distance move, the movers of Saint-Lambert guarantee you impeccable quality service.

Moving To Saint-Lambert

A Moving Company in Saint-Lambert: Demenaris – Moving to Saint-Lambert

It is easy to find a moving company in Saint-Lambert that understands your needs and provides you with all the logistics and the workforce of experienced movers who know, for example, how to optimize the interior of a truck to store the most furniture and objects.

You can always request a truck without a mover if you have time and feel you can do it on your own or with the help of your family. This option will not allow you to afford a weekend of rest.

As a Saint-Lambert moving company, we understand that it is our duty to make it easier for you to move your piano, your furniture, your pool table, etc. We know better than anyone how to move a dental chair, a safe, and many other large and fragile objects.

We can even help you unpack your furniture and place it with you in the new residence.

In the moving industry, experience matters most. Our teams of movers in Saint-Lambert have plenty of experience. Our movers are trained to deal with the stress of deadlines and the positioning of objects in the truck.

Every day, they are on the ground helping many families with their moves. This daily and almost permanent presence of our teams of movers on the moving sites has made these professionals the best who can offer you impeccable service and after-sales service.

They can help clients make a financial plan for their moving project. In your home or on your premises, they will be fast and efficient. You would be surprised that, with them, your move would only take a few minutes.

Keep Yourself Informed and Prepare the Move in Advance

In anticipation of a future move, it is important to stay informed, to learn about the different moving companies. A careful study of their offers will make a choice possible. The preparatory phase can extend from one to three months, to be sure that you have covered all eventualities.

Residential Moving to Saint-Lambert

Moving To Saint-Lambert
Déménagement demenaris

For any residential moving to Saint-Lambert project, it is important to contact our Saint-Lambert moving teams days, weeks or months in advance so the smallest details of the operation are planned and recorded on a dashboard.

This saves customers and moving teams from last-minute stressful situations. In this area, our teams here in Saint-Lambert have the experience to spare. For a residential move, a storage service is also available to customers.

This type of move is provided according to the options chosen by each client. The basic option includes the following services:

  • transportation, risk, and accident insurance;
  • on-demand disassembly and reassembly service;
  • transportation and handling;
  • protection of bedroom furniture;
  • emergency moves;
  • packing, moving, and unpacking of fragile items.

Commercial Move in Saint-Lambert

Commercial moving is one of the many services offered by our company, Demenaris, in Saint-Lambert. You want to move from Saint-Lambert, move all the contents of your store or your offices. In Saint-Lambert, the solution is close to you.

Our teams of professionals are available to customers to move heavy equipment, the entire furniture of an office or business. For an initial consultation, we first go to the site to study each type of furniture present in your office or business.

On moving day, it will be child’s play for the moving team, even if it is an industrial move.

Best Movers for Pool Tables and Pianos

In Saint-Lambert, our teams of movers have perfect mastery of the arrangements to be considered when moving upright pianos, grand pianos or pool tables.

New or used pool tables, all sizes combined, can be transported by our Saint-Lambert moving company, Demenaris. Just contact us and we will take care of your pool table of any size.

Moving of Appliances and Furniture Assembly

Moving To Saint-Lambert
Déménagement demenaris

Our Saint-Lambert movers will help you move your garden furniture, storage cabinets, bunk beds, bookshelves, etc. Moving furniture is totally within their expertise.

Once in the new residence, the professional movers will reassemble the furniture for you. The transportation of household appliances is also part of the services offered by our moving teams in Saint-Lambert.

Long-Distance Move to Saint-Lambert

In the provinces of Québec or Ontario, our moving agents will allow you to make your move to several destinations. If you want to move to Saint-Lambert, call our customer services.

You won’t have to worry about a thing. Long-distance moving services to Beauport, Drummondville, Cap-de-la-Madeleine, Toronto, Val-David, etc.

Affordable Move to Saint-Lambert

The professional teams of Demenaris are there to serve you. Just ask for a quote. In Saint-Lambert, you get several moving companies. By comparing their proposals, offers, and quotes, you can choose the team you think is suitable to address your moving needs.

Compare ours with the offers of other companies and you’ll see we offer you excellent services at a very affordable cost. Contact us, Demenaris.