Moving to Pierrefonds-Roxboro

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Moving to Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Moving is a stressful experience that requires planning and organization to be a success. Whether residential or commercial, moving requires carrying out a multitude of activities which include, among other things, packing and transporting objects, but also carrying out administrative tasks. To carry out these different activities, many households seek the services of a moving company in order to help them with this project. Equipped with proper tools and qualified professionals, a moving to Pierrefonds-Roxboro company offers a multitude of services according to your different needs. Discover in this article the services offered by our moving company, Demenaris.

Moving To Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Residential Moving to Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Whether for a long-distance move or a local moving to Pierrefonds-Roxboro, our moving company supports you every step of the way. To do this, we adapt to your budget by offering you various formulas for an affordable, practical, and efficient move.

The Low-Cost Formula

With this money saving formula when moving to Pierrefonds-Roxboro, you will have to take care of the supply of boxes, packaging, disassembly, and reassembly of your furniture. To do this, it is recommended:

  • to get rid of all your unnecessary things;
  • avoid reusing cardboard boxes;
  • to carefully separate fragile and non-fragile objects in different boxes;
  • use bubble wrap or bleached paper to protect fragile items;
  • write the word FRAGILE on boxes containing delicate items;
  • to mention on each box the room of the house for which it is intended;
  • protect mattresses with plastic covers;
  • to pack household appliances in their original boxes;
  • to dismantle massive furniture.

It is also recommended to provide a parking space close enough to your home to make the moving process faster and more efficient. Subsequently, our moving to Pierrefonds-Roxboro company will carry out the transportation, loading, and unloading of your articles and objects.

Thus, you will benefit from quality service to ensure the integrity of your items. Ideal for a student move, this formula aims to reduce the move’s cost while benefiting from quality support.

The Turnkey Formula

Moving To Pierrefonds-Roxboro
Déménagement demenaris

Our moving to Pierrefonds-Roxboro company offers a full moving service for people with a busy schedule who can’t take care of their move.

To do this, our moving experts first carry out a detailed inventory of all your furniture and objects to determine the various materials necessary for your possessions’ safety and integrity.

They then take care of carefully packing your various items, fragile or not, as well as your valuable items. Equipped with the necessary expertise, our professionals take care of dismantling your large furniture and assembling them back at the destination.

Also, they are responsible for carrying out loading, transportation, and unloading activities. Thus, you will benefit from the professionalism of our experts throughout the process.

Commercial Moving to Pierrefonds-Roxboro

For the relocation of your offices or businesses to Pierrefonds-Roxboro, we offer you a custom-made service, fast and efficient, to allow you to resume your activities very quickly.

To complete this project, we start with detailed planning considering your premises to analyze the material and resources required to move your objects and office equipment. We then develop a plan that considers the progress of the move.

On the agreed day, our expert movers will pack your office equipment using the appropriate packing material. Also, they take care of their loading, transportation, and unloading.

At the destination, these experts take care of reconnecting your computer system, setting up workstations, and all the tasks necessary to start your activities.

Delivery of Furniture and Appliances in Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Moving To Pierrefonds-Roxboro
Déménagement demenaris

With our moving to Pierrefonds-Roxboro company, you can benefit from a delivery service for furniture and household appliances. At your disposal, we put a team of expert deliverers who will collect your items, whatever their size, and deliver them to you in record time.

Thus, to transport office equipment or household equipment that you have just purchased, you can contact us to benefit from our professionalism.

Our experts will take care of the meticulous packaging of your furniture or appliances. They will also take care of their loading, transportation and unloading. Upon arrival at the destination, they will unpack your equipment and assemble it.

Moving Fragile Items

As mentioned above, our moving company has the appropriate equipment to carry out any type of move. For this purpose, we have the possibility of moving pool tables and pianos.

Pool Table Move to Pierrefonds-Roxboro

Because of its size and weight, a pool table is a very delicate object that can be damaged by improper handling. To move your table, we have skilled and equipped technicians who can move it safely.

To do this, they will first take care of disassembling each component of the pool table and packing them in the appropriate material.

They will then transport the table to its destination and take care of unpacking and reassembling it according to the rules of the art. Also, our technicians can change the mat on your pool table or level it.

Piano Movers in Pierrefonds-Roxboro

A piano is a precious object that we move with care and professionalism. To do this, we perform:

  • a very detailed analysis of the type of piano;
  • the complete disassembly of its parts;
  • protection of the piano with suitable covers;
  • securing the packaging with plastic film;
  • the installation of a skid to avoid contact of the piano with the ground;
  • loading onto a cart;
  • the loading and unloading of the piano;
  • unpacking and reassembly of the piano.