Moving to Oka

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Moving to Oka

When we make the decision of moving, it is very often to improve our living conditions or our living environment. To improve on our living conditions, we move to a larger space, be it a larger apartment or a house. To improve your life environment, we usually look to get closer to nature and get farther away from the city, in order to have a more enjoyable daily pace.
Moving To Oka
Moving to oka

Moving to Oka

Moving to Oka offers you this transition towards a calmer and more relaxed environment, because you are then in an environment much closer to nature, with many outdoor activities just at your doorstep, all year around. In order to have a peaceful transition when moving to Oka, call upon professional movers, like those of Demenaris.

Our experts have at their disposal all the specialized equipment to move around your large and fragile objects besides having the expertise in order to protect your precious belongings during the whole process.

Beach and Nature

The Oka area is a huge flat land where nature is omnipresent. Among other things, we find in the area the Oka National Park with its many camping spots and its famous beach. Moving to Oka is making the choice to get closer to nature, even be part of it!

The small town of Oka (about 4,000 inhabitants) is on the shores of the Deux-Montagnes Lake, where the Outaouais River comes in. Water is thus everywhere in the area offering countless occasions for water sports and activities, more reasons for moving to Oka.

This tiny town just west of Montreal, on the North Shore, is also the place where we find one of the most beautiful beaches of the area, continuously attracting tourists from the Greater Montreal Area, as well as from nearby Ontario.

Besides the national park, the beach and multiple wooded trails in which recharge your batteries, there is another way to get closer to nature. Indeed, since there is a beautiful golf course in Oka.

Residential and Commercial Movers in Oka

Moving To Oka
Moving to oka

When moving to Oka, or somewhere else in the Lower Laurentides, it is much easier and enjoyable to entrust the operation to a well-established company, like Demenaris that has been present in the moving sector for many years.

We can take care of everything, from packing to installation, with our turnkey service. We can also tailor our services to your needs to let us just carry out the heavy lifting, for example. Our expert movers will take care of disassembling and properly wrapping your large furniture items and will protect all your most fragile items with all the care they deserve.

We have all the professional equipment to handle, transport and protect your belongings, furniture and household appliances when you are moving to Oka. Most people think about moving companies for residential moving, but we also do office, commercial and industrial moves.

We know very well how to hand the heaviest or most complex objects in order to ensure their absolutely safe transportation so they arrive at the destination in perfect integrity, allowing you to resume your business activity quickly. No matter the complexity or the volume, we can help you moving to Oka, or anywhere else to or from the Greater Montreal Area.

Other Moving Services in Oka

Besides residential, commercial and industrial moves, Demenaris offers a large selection of complementary services. The most popular of those other services is, without a doubt, the delivery.

Although Oka is not lost in the countryside, it can very well happen that the furniture of household appliance you have found in Montreal could not be delivered to your place in Oka by the store or the individual offering you this item you love.

Delivering to Oka is just like moving to Oka, but at a much-reduced scale. We will then apply all our moving expertise to the delivery of any item to your place. Within our regular moving operations, our experts very often disassemble large furniture pieces (beds, wardrobes, bookcases, etc.) in order to facilitate their transportation and protection.

They thus have gained a vast experience in furniture assembly. That is another lesser-known service we offer, even if you are not moving to Oka. Perhaps you need to store some items while doing a two-step move? We also offer a short-term storage service within our protected warehouses for your items to be perfectly safe.

Or we can deliver your items to a long-term storage facility of your choice (you can consult the opinions of our satisfied customers).

Our moving company in Oka will be happy to serve you

Moving To Oka
Moving to oka

Whether you are moving to Oka to get closer to nature and take advantage of water activities on the Deux-Montagnes Lake or on the Outaouais River, or simply to get away from the city, Oka is an excellent choice. Nothing better to start your new life than to entrust all the moving tasks you do not want to do on your own to an experienced moving company, like Demenaris.

We can take care of every step of the process, thanks to our service offer perfectly adapted to your specific needs. We will assist you as little or as much as you need us to do within this complex moving process. We can also help you with other services like delivery or furniture assembly, in order to ease up your life and reduce your stress and frustrations.

So, do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can help you with your moving project and discover, through our free quote, that quality moving services do not need to be expensive.