Moving to Nuns’ Island

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Moving to Nuns’ Island

Are you in Nuns’ Island? Would you like moving services that are safe and fast? You’re at the right address. Organizing a move has never been easy, especially when you have very sensitive items to move. You don’t have to wait any longer. Our moving company on Nuns’ Island offers the pleasure of accompanying and supporting you in the process of your move. To learn more about the different services our company offers, please read the rest of this article.
Moving To Nuns' Island
Moving to nuns’ island

Who are we? Moving to Nuns’ Island – The Choice of Movers

Our moving company on Nuns’ Island is a company specializing in providing moving services. We are staffed with highly experienced and skilled professional movers to provide you with 100% satisfactory quality work for your project moving to Nuns’ Island.

These professionals will do everything to secure all your movable property during the move. They can expect you to be completely ready on your day of moving to Nuns’ Island to provide custom-made service from start to finish.

However, what makes us unique is that our services are with a competitive intention. You just have to try us to see why we are the chosen ones in Montreal for your moving project. If necessary, we can offer you full services that go beyond a simple move since luxury matters to you. Our professionals can be responsible for packing your boxes, loading and unloading.

This will allow you to concentrate on the administrative side for your job.

Our Specific Moving to Nuns’ Island Services

Moving To Nuns' Island
Moving to nuns’ island

Our teams of movers on Nuns’ Island provide you with all kinds of moving services. Our goal is to make sure that your belongings are properly moved.

But specifically, we offer eight different moving to Nuns’ Island services to make your job easier:

  1. residential moving to Nous’ Island,
  2. commercial and industrial moving to Nous’ Island,
  3. moving with furniture assembly to Nous’ Island,
  4. moving with packing to Nous’ Island,
  5. turnkey move to Nous’ Island,
  6. moving pool table to Nous’ Islad,
  7. moving pianos to Nous’ Island,
  8. safe moving to Nous’ Island.

Residential Moving on Nuns’ Island

Moving To Nuns' Island
Moving to nuns’ island

Through the commitment of our professional movers on Nuns’ Island, we provide you with the most suitable residential moving services. Residential moving to Nuns’ Island requires you to move from your current accommodation to another. This is like any other serious job: it must be planned.

Our team intervenes to pack and, if possible, unpack all your belongings, even those that are fragile (paintings, dishes, lamps, etc.). Especially when you are feeling lonely, tidying up paperwork, packing all your things, renting a van or a truck, it can all seem inappropriate.

This is why we offer you this service, so you can occupy yourself usefully. We assure the transportation of all your objects with no exception.

Moving Plus Furniture Assembly on Nuns’ Island

When moving to Nuns’ Island, you are often confronted with the assembly of furniture. It is clear that this apparently simple operation is still difficult. In general, the furniture to be assembled is often one that does not pass easily in elevators or stairs. Hence the need for you to assemble them on the site.

Therefore, it is important to call on the professionals. We can disassemble and reassemble all your furniture. Have you just bought your furniture for the move? Don’t worry about the installation of your furniture. Whether it’s assembling furniture at home or in your office, our process doesn’t change; our movers have the skills required to satisfy you.

Commercial Moving to Nuns’ Island

Moving To Nuns' Island
Moving to nuns’ island

This type of move is often annoying. It requires you to pack all of your items. After the transportation, you must assemble the furniture at the new premises.

We have experience in the commercial field to move heavy furniture and also all your fragile items. Your advantage in calling on us lies in the management of these heavy, sensitive and fragile objects which we handle with all the required care.

This does not mean that you will not have the speed you want; only after a few minutes, you see your furniture packed and ready for transport. At the same time, we help you sort your documents so you get rid of the less important and unnecessary ones. You should not find yourself alone to do this job. With care and speed, we serve you and ensure your commercial move.

Moving Pianos or Pool Tables to Nuns’ Island

When moving to Nuns’ Island, there is always furniture that is very heavy or complex to move. This is the case with pool tables and pianos. You know that many apartments in Montreal have narrow stairs. It is therefore difficult to move these objects without damaging them or injuring yourself.

So, by taking care of moving your pool tables yourself, you don’t save yourself the risk of damage as a result. The dangerous thing to worry about is that you can be injured by lifting this object alone.

It is to avoid all this that our team of professional movers intervenes to move your pool table that we disassemble and reassemble in a well-defined process. We can also change the cloth of the pool table as the case might be.

Whether your piano is on the ground floor or upstairs, we have the appropriate equipment to move it. No matter what kind of piano you have, grand or upright, we can take it apart while loading and put it back together at the destination. These two pieces of equipment will be transported in full protection, and you will have them intact after their reassembly.

For all your moving to Nuns’ Island projects, our moving company is ready to provide you with fast, safe, and reliable services. We provide you these services custom-made and also at a competitive price that suits you.

Experienced and qualified Nuns’ Island movers are waiting for you to avoid all kinds of damage and risks during the transportation of your goods. Entrust us with your moving to Nuns’ Island project to not only have your time available but also to have peace of mind (see our Reviews).