Moving to Mercier

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Moving to Mercier

Mercier is a tiny town on the south shore of Montreal, located near Chateauguay, that is connected to the Montreal Island by the Mercier Bridge. This is a location that is considered when thinking about moving a residence because it has easy access to Montreal, both by car and by public transit. So, moving to Mercier is thus practical nowadays for those working in Montreal.
Moving To Mercier
Moving to mercier

Moving to Mercier: Best price for best moving services in Mercier

Although it is mostly families that consider moving to Mercier, by making a residential move, companies can also be tempted to make such a transition in order to increase the quality and diversity of the services offered in this small town.

For those who want to move towards or from the Greater Montreal Area, doing business with a professional moving company, like Demenaris, assures them peace of mind besides have access to other quality related services.

Demenaris: Moving company in Mercier hiring only professionals

The town of Mercier, which was named Sainte-Philomene before 1968, has changed its name to honor the former Quebec premier Honore Mercier (who was premier from 1887 to 1891). That is also to pay him homage that the nearby bridge was also named Mercier, since it was built nearby just a bit before, to connect the area to the Montreal Island.

Thus, moving to Mercier means to be very close to the Montreal Island, which is easily accessible. Another reason why people are moving to Mercier is the small size of the town, having fewer than 15,000 inhabitants. That is a quiet little town among farmland, so agriculture dominates the economic activity of the region.

Since the Great Montreal Area is very close by (less than 20 km away), Mercier does not need to offer all the services, but still allows having a good living environment for the daily life while still having an easy and quick access to the big city.

Residential Move in Mercier

Moving To Mercier
Moving to mercier

Of course, moving to Mercier mostly attracts individuals and families looking for a more enjoyable and peaceful living environment than the one offered by a large city, especially since the big city is so close-by and easily accessible.

Even if you are not moving over a long distance, using the services of a professional moving company, like Demenaris, is a logical choice to ensure the total protection of your goods. All your belongings will be well protected and properly handed by experienced professionals when you are moving to Mercier.

Our moving experts have years of experience and the proper tools/equipment to ensure that all your belongings will be transferred in a safe and efficient manner, with no problem at all.

Your furniture and your household appliances will be well protected, with moving blankets that clean in good condition. Your massive furniture pieces could be dismantled to ensure an optimal protection and ease up their handling, etc.

Commercial Move in Mercier

Companies, industries and even farms can consider moving to Mercier. We have all the required expertise to ensure the transfer of all their goods in a safe and quick manner, in order to reduce the company’s downtime, allowing them to resume serving their clients just like before.

No matter the size and weight of the equipment to be moved, while moving to Mercier or elsewhere within the Greater Montreal Area, Demenaris has the suitable equipment for the task and the skilled human resources to take care of it.

Some farmers could want to transfer their production to Mercier, or a proximity shop could want to open a new branch within this small town. Whether it is for a complete move or just a partial one, for the expansion or opening of a new branch, we are there to assist you in this complex process, from the very first step.

Other transportations services: Piano moving, pool table and delivery service

Moving To Mercier
Moving to mercier

By doing business with a professional moving company when you are moving to Mercier, you can also have access to other complementary services, like a delivery or a short-term storage one, depending on your needs.

Whether you are a family or a business, you could have found the item of your dreams somewhere in the Greater Montreal Area. However, the vendor does not offer the delivery up to Mercier, or does it at a hefty price.

The solution is thus to contact us so that the item can be delivered at your place. Nothing is too big, complex or fragile for our moving experts who have moved just about anything over the years, including pianos, pool tables and large glass counters.

Another need sometimes arising from moving to Mercier is the one of storing some goods over a short period. That could be to exit from the old address earlier than expected, to delay the entrance in the new address or simply to move in two distinct steps. We offer you a short-term storage service. Your items will be properly stored in safe and guarded warehouses.

Call our moving company in Mercier

When you are moving to Mercier, you are getting a better living environment within a tiny town, just steps away from the great city of Montreal, providing you a quick and easy access to its many services.

Whether it is for families or businesses, it is always best to rely on the services of a professional moving company in order to ensure the absolute integrity of all your belongings, no matter their size or weight. Such a professional company will also offer you complementary services.

Contact us right away to see how we can simplify your life when you are considering moving to Mercier.