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Moving to Delson

There are many reasons to consider moving to Delson and settle down in this small town in the southern suburb of Montreal in order to benefit from its slower pace of life than the one in the big city. First, there are those leaving the Montreal Island, or another densely populated location from the area, to settle down in this quieter location. Then, there are also families coming from elsewhere in the province of Quebec (or even Canada), to settle down somewhere in the Greater Montreal Area and who select Delson for its tranquility and its easy access to the city. Besides individuals and families wanting to move their residence to Delson, there are also businesses that consider moving to Delson, either to transfer all their activities there or simply to establish a branch, both contributing to enriching the services available in this small town.
Moving To Delson
Moving to delson

Demenaris: Your trusted mover in Delson

The municipality of Delson, that has just about 7,500 inhabitants, is located between the cities of La Prairie (on the east side) as well as Sainte-Catherine and Saint-Constant (on the west side). Although there is a lot of farmland in the area, those little towns are an oasis of urban life, so you are not literally lost in the countryside when you are moving to Delson.

On top of that, you can easily access Montreal Island in fewer than 30 minutes, whether by car or by public transit. It is thus greatly possible to continue to work in the big city while living in Delson.

With its size, Delson cannot offer all the services as a big city does, but that is largely compensated by a more peaceful and enjoyable living environment, while still being close to the city for out-of-ordinary needs. Moving to Delson is thus choosing quality for the daily life.

The small town is well connected by roads, since it is surrounded by highways 15 and 30, besides roads 132 and 209, making it easy to go just about anywhere, in any direction.

Moving Your Residence in Delson

Moving To Delson
Moving to delson

Many individuals and families are making the choice of moving to Delson to improve their quality of life. Whether it is by leaving the Montreal Island or, on the contrary, to get close to it from anywhere else in the province, many find what they were looking for in this small town.

It does not matter where you are leaving from when you are moving to Delson; it is much preferable to hire a professional moving company, like Demenaris, to assist you every step of the way of this important transition.

Moving professionals know exactly what they are doing and how to protect all your belongings, including furniture and household appliances, on top of being able to handle them with great care.

If needed, your large furniture pieces could be dismantled by our experts to ease up their handling and increase their protection. Of course, your furniture will be reassembled once arrived at the new address. The safety of your belongings is the outmost priority of our expert movers.

Moving Your Business in Delson

Businesses can also consider moving to Delson. Some businesses may want to transfer all their activities to Delson, while others might consider opening an office or a branch. A small town like Delson still has lots of potential for companies in the services sector.

From restaurants to professional studies, our experts have carried out the move of just about all types of businesses over the years. They have the expertise and the required equipment to ensure everything is done to make a success out of your moving to Delson. We can move around and transfer all types of furniture, appliances or machinery in absolute safety and security.

Moving to Delson / More Than Just Transportation – moving heavy objects

Moving To Delson
Moving to delson

Sometimes, when we have moved to the Greater Montreal Area, we want to buy various goods in the big city, only to discover that delivery up to Delson is not offered by the vendor, or it is very delayed or costly.

In such a case, contact us and we will deliver you anything (furniture, household appliances, a piano, a pool table, etc.) from the vendor to your place in Delson. A delivery to Delson is pretty much like moving to Delson, just on a smaller scale, so it is perfectly logical to call up moving professionals for help.

On some occasions, you want to split in two the operation of moving to Delson, you then need a short-term storage, time for you to finish the renovations or preparing your new premises. Demenaris offers you short-term storage within our safe warehouses. These are just a few of the various services available to clients of a professional moving company.

Call our moving company in Delson

Many individuals, families and businesses think about moving to Delson in order to be within a better living environment, while still being close to the large city of Montreal. This allows you to live in a healthier environment that is less polluted and less stressful, while having all the commodities of the city right at hand.

In all those cases of moving to Delson, already coming from the Montreal area or from any distant location, it is important to do business with professionals, like those of Demenaris. Besides assuring you of the quality of their services and the safety of your belongings, they can offer you some complementary services like delivery or short-term storage.

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