Moving to Contrecoeur

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Moving to Contrecoeur

Looking to get away from cities that have a large population and a high density, people migrate to smaller towns. That is why many people are moving to Contrecoeur. Setting down in this small town from the Monteregie region is opting to get closer to nature, even if the city features many heavy industries, because there are plenty of green spaces, in addition to have access to the river.
Moving To Contrecoeur
Moving to contrecoeur

Moving to Contrecoeur

Contrecoeur is well connected geographically to its surroundings through many routes that allow you to reach many important cities of the region easily.

It is also well connected to the virtual world, because it has very good Internet connections. When moving to Contrecoeur, it is clearly preferable to do business with a well-known and well-established moving company. Demenaris meets those criteria and has been carrying out all types of moves for many years now.

Industries and Nature / Efficient movers in Contrecoeur

Economic development of the city mostly rests on the heavy industrial sector, having many plants from ArcelorMittal. The industrial section is supported by a port that is open all year around to facilitate the international imports and exports directly within the city, and it is also connected by rail.

Many industries thus take advantage of those strategic facilities. That attracts, of course, many workers from all over the region, and many of those make the choice of moving to Contrecoeur to get closer to work. But Contrecoeur is not only industrial, it is also quite a green area. First, there are many municipal parks right in the center of town. Then, all around the city, there are many farms.

Finally, in the Saint-Lawrence River just in front of the city, there are many islands forming the Îles de Contrecoeur National Wildlife Area. Those islands are kept in their natural state as a conservation and protection area, mostly for birds.

Well Connected by Road and the Internet

The small city of Contrecoeur is between road 132, passing along the shore of the river, and Highway 30, uniting all the South Shore of Montreal up to Vaudreuil-Dorion. From Contrecœur, you can easily reach the city of Sorel-Tracy which, with its population of 35,000, offers a much greater variety of products and services.

Or, head west to reach Brossard, which offers really all the commodities of a large city. A few minutes more and you can, of course, reach Montreal. Moving to Contrecoeur thus means still living in an urban area that is dynamic and full of services, while take advantage of nature and a small community.

Unlike other semi-rural area in Quebec, Contrecoeur has a very good coverage of high-speed Internet, so it will be easy for you to do teleworking if you choose to settle down there while keeping your job in the city.

Residential Movers in Contrecoeur

Moving To Conrecoeur
Moving to contrecoeur

If you are thinking of moving to Contrecoeur, or anywhere else in the area, it is necessary to hire a professional moving company. A company like Demenaris combines experience, expertise, professional employees and a large fleet of vehicles being able to cover all your moving needs.

When moving to Contrecoeur, our professional movers will take great care of all your boxes, furniture and household appliances. They will ensure that all items are well packed and well secured in the truck. Clean moving blankets will be used to protect your furniture and household appliances throughout their transportation.

Sometimes, some furniture might be dismantled and all pieces will then be packed separately. The top priority is the absolute protection of your belongings. Besides residential moves, we also take care of commercial and industrial moves. We carry out all types of moves over short or long distances with the same professionalism and care.

Contrecoeur movers and delivery / Moving heavy objects

Moving To Contrecoeur
Moving to contrecoeur

After moving to Contrecoeur, you might need us to deliver you this furniture piece or this household appliance of your dreams that you have found in Montreal, in a store that does not offer delivery up to Contrecoeur.

Our moving experts in Contrecoeur will take possession of your item at the store, will add padding and protection layers if needed, and will transport it with care up to your residence. Once at your home, they will bring the item into your house and will take care of its unpacking. If you wish so, they can also install the appliance or assemble the furniture with no problem.

With their vast experience, the operation will be completed quickly and efficiently, preventing you from a major waste of time and many worries. We can also simply assemble furniture for you or move large objects (like moving pianos or pool tables) around your home, even if you are not moving to Contrecoeur (check out our reviews on Google).

In Summary / Professional moving service

You can have many reasons for moving to Contrecoeur, whether it is to get closer to work or nature. No matter the reason, you will find a great living environment while still being connected to bigger cities of the region with all the roads and highways covering the area.

You will also be connected to the rest of the world through a high-speed Internet connection. When moving to Contrecoeur or elsewhere, you should use the services of a reliable and trustworthy moving company.

With its many years of experience in all types of moves and its complementary services, Demenaris can professionally take care of transporting your belongings, furniture and household appliances wherever you want to go.

Contact us right away to discuss your moving or delivery needs; we will see how we can fix your problem and we will give you a free quote.