Moving to Anjou

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Moving to Anjou

Anjou is without a doubt one of the nicest sectors of Montreal. Maybe have you discovered it recently and even have decided to buy a house there? However, you still hesitate because you are worried about all the details you need to tackle to plan the moving operation of all your stuff? Don’t worry anymore! You can move to another location without worrying; all you need to do is call professional movers. One of the best companies is Demenaris. At Demenaris, we take care of every logistics and transportation aspects related to your move. We also offer you additional services to simplify your life. What are the services offered by our moving company? 

Moving To Anjou

Residential Moving Services in Anjou / The Best Movers in Anjou

Residential moving to Anjou consists in transporting all your belongings from your current residence location to another location of your choice. It’s much more than a simple relocation, as it implies the move of all your furniture.

The step of every move is in the inventory of your items and their packing into boxes. You need to identify all your items and sort them based on whether you don’t use them, those you use a bit and those you can’t live without. Then you have to find the proper containers for all your items.

Although we usually use boxes, some items, like your couch, don’t fit in a box. Once you have done your inventory and your classification, you need to find a truck that will pick everything up in a single trip. This supposes filling in numerous forms and making many calls, without even counting the time already used to make the boxes.

In the process, you might even lose some items, damage some or throw out some although they could have been useful to you, just because they were too many problems. However, you can prevent that torture by simply using our quality and professional services (consult the opinions of our satisfield customers).

Take Advantage of Our Professional Services / Moving to Anjou

Moving To Anjou
Moving to anjou

With Demenaris, all those worries will be prevented, and that moving to Anjou will be made very simple because everyone of our movers is certified and you will have a low-cost move. You only have to choose between the move packages we offer you. One of our move packages is for elderly people, allowing them not to exhaust themselves with heavy labor.

We pride ourselves to ensure the safety of your articles during transportation to prevent any damage, during a local or a long-distance move. With us, changing your living location will be very simple, as we will take care of everything for you.

Commercial Moving Services in Anjou

A commercial move requires some expertise because it’s more than furniture and personal effects to put in boxes, it’s a full business and technical materials that you need to transfer. Rather than improvise and plan all this on your own, use professional services.

Commercial Moving Services to Anjou With Demenaris

At Demenaris, we have commercial movers to ensure a low-cost move of your business. We focus on the planning and the organization in order to optimize the time of your move because we know it can impact your business.

Here, speed and precision meet to let you quickly resume your activities at your new location, while special precautions are taken to protect your electronic equipment. We offer many services for commercial moves: relocation of offices, of restaurants as well as inventory stock for retailers.

Furniture and Appliances Delivery Services

Moving To Anjou
Moving to anjou

We offer a quality service to deliver furniture and appliances. We have the ability to receive, store, and ship all types and formats of furniture. For consumers, that means they’ll be able to receive their orders in a reasonable delay.

For furniture retailers who are eager to fully satisfy their customers, including in terms of delivery, you can let us ensure the delivery of their purchases. They won’t have to worry about anything regarding the delivery of their furniture or appliances!

Moving a Pool Table or a Piano

Moving a pool table or a piano isn’t like moving anything else. First, those are two very bulky yet fragile items; the slightest mishandling could damage them seriously. That’s why using our professionals is a very wise choice. We have all the technical equipment and the expertise to ensure their safe transportation up to your new home in Anjou.

Calling us is opting for a safe and quick-moving to Anjou operation.