Moving from Montreal to Magog

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There are many reasons people would make a moving from Montreal to Magog. The most common of those is to get away from the metropolis of Montreal to get closer to nature, while still being in an urban area, albeit smaller but still diversified. You then get closer to mountains and lakes, while still being in a developed urban area and close to a significant city (Sherbrooke).
Moving From Montreal To Magog
Moving from montreal to magog

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Moving from Montreal to Magog

Since both cities are over 110 km apart, such a move is considered as being a long-distance move. For any long-distance move, you need to take additional and different measures than from a local move across the street.

When we are talking about a moving from Montreal to Magog, this does not necessarily mean transporting all your belonging, that could also be a simple delivery of furniture or household appliances bought in Montreal or the move of particular items, like a pool table or a piano.

Of course, the move can also be carried out in the other direction: from Magog to Montreal.

Why Choose Magog?

Many people opt for a moving from Montreal to Magog, because Magog is a small town from the Estrie region (or “Eastern Townships” as we called the region before), located at the meeting point of highways 10 and 55. With Highway 10, you are just 30 km away from Sherbrooke and about 110 km from Montreal.

While with Highway 55, you are only about 30 km away from the border with the United States, since Newport (state of Vermont) is at the other end of the Memphremagog Lake.

Magog is a human-size city (about 25,000 inhabitants) that is surrounded by nature while offering all the city services besides a very diversified cultural and artistic life with its numerous venues and festivals throughout the year.

That is an excellent reason to justify a moving from Montreal to Magog. Another star of the region all year-long is nature, which attracts many people to Magog.

During the summer, you can take advantage of the many lakes and mountains of the area, including the massive Memphremagog Lake, to do a ton of leisure and sports activities, since the town is located just on its shore.

During the fall, the surrounding forests show off their most stunning colors. Finally, during winter, you can ski at one of the numerous mountains in the area, including Bromont and Sutton.

Long-Distance Move: moving from Montreal to Magog

Moving From Montreal To Magog
Moving from montreal to magog

As we have said, both cities are roughly 110 km apart, which makes a moving from Montreal to Magog a long-distance one. Unlike a local move, made within the same city or at least immediate surroundings, a long-distance move requires more precautions and expertise.

Fortunately, Demenaris is a professional moving company that is used to move people’s belongings over a long distance. So, your moving from Montreal to Magog will be in expert hands. Among the differences, there is the care given to the loading of the truck, the securing of all items aboard the truck and a more careful driving.

Our expert movers will make sure that all furniture, household appliances and boxes will be carefully piled up to avoid any breakage. Everything will be tied up to the truck through straps to prevent any shift during the transportation.

Delivery and Unusual Items

Moving From Montreal To Magog
Moving from montreal to magog

Sometimes what you need is not a complete moving from Montreal to Magog of all your belongings, but only the delivery of furniture found in the Greater Montreal Area (either in a store or in the classifieds, from an individual), for example.

Demenaris offers a delivery service that can deliver to your place any furniture or household appliance. This also applies to large furniture pieces and heavy or massive objects, like a piano or a pool table.

Through our many years of experience in the field, we have developed an expertise in the moving of those objects, which are both massive and fragile. We can disassemble them in order to ease their transportation and maximize their protection.

Once at their new location, we reassemble them, of course, so they can be fully functional again.

You can even contact us to move those particular items within your home, even if you are not carrying out a moving from Montreal to Magog. We have the necessary skills and equipment to do the job quickly and safely.

Both Ways

Although we speak here of a moving from Montreal to Magog, implying it is a move from Montreal to Magog, many people go in the opposite direction. In a smaller town like Magog, there are fewer moving companies, and they might not have the required experience to move all your belonging to the metropolis.

It is then better to call up a professional moving company from the big city, like Demenaris, to be sure everything will be done properly.

Best price for the best long-distance moving services

In summary, no matter the reason bringing you to Magog (slower pace of life, lakes, mountains, cultural scene, etc.), you can count on Demenaris to carry out your moving from Montreal to Magog.

Of course, this works both ways, in case you are looking to move to the Greater Montreal Area from Magog area. Since a moving from Montreal to Magog is done over a long distance, it requires better equipment and greater skills than a simple local move.

This requires not only a stronger and bigger truck but also some accessories and specialized tools that only professionals can really use properly.

Whether it is for a complete move of all your belongings or a simple delivery, do not hesitate to call us to tell us what you need. We will see how to meet your expectations and we will provide you with a free quote.