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Fixed-price move

Fixed-Price Move Montreal, South Shore and North Shore

One of the greatest unknowns when comes the time to move is the cost. It is often, wrongly, what prevents people from hiring professional movers, not knowing the advantages to deal with professionals and the real prices that it implies, compared to amateurs who are looking to make a quick buck. Having a fixed-price move policy is then a tremendous advantage.

It is first important to understand the components of costs of a move and how they can vary over time, according to the seasons, especially in a location with well-defined moving seasons like the province of Quebec. Then, we must understand the advantages a fixed-price move offers to both the moving company and the client.

We then need to know how exactly applies a fixed-price move in a real-life, concrete situation. Demenaris offers you fixed prices for two types of his popular services: deliveries and long-distance moves.

Price Components

Fixed Price Moving
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When we think about moving, the first thing that comes to mind is all the complications related to the move and all the changes this decision implies. The second thing we think about is the cost, especially if we think about hiring a professional mover. Many people think it costs a fortune to move with a professional.

This is not the case with many low-cost movers, like Demenaris, who can also offer you a fixed-price move package.

The main component of the cost of a move are the moving date (high or low season, weekday or weekend), the number of things to be transferred (that also has an impact on the choice of the truck—or trucks—, the fuel costs, the loading/unloading time and the number of movers assigned to your move, etc.), the complementary services (like packing) and the distance to cover.

It is obvious that moving a small apartment locally (within the same city) comes with a difference in price tag than moving a three-story house contents across the country.

Advantages of a Fixed Price

When the moving parameters are well defined, this allows to determine the cost of a fixed-price move for the operation. There are advantages both for the moving company (to plan its human and material resources) as well as the client.

On the client’s side, a fixed price is obviously an enormous advantage in terms of budget planning for the move. No more financial surprises on the day of the move or the delivery.

A fixed-price move means you have a cost that is determined beforehand, based on specific parameters, that will not change at the last minute.

You save money, of course, but you also save yourself some worries, because you do not have to worry about the final bill, since the moving cost is already known. These are factors that greatly simplify your life while moving.

Small Deliveries

Among the services that could benefit from a fixed-price move, you will find our delivery services. Indeed, a local delivery involving a maximum of four or five items is usually done with a small or medium truck and two movers.

Those local deliveries are perfect to have furniture or household appliances of your dreams delivered to your door, especially if you have bought them from a store from the Greater Montreal Area that is not delivering up to your home.

You could also enlist our service if your store does offer the delivery, but with a long delay. When we just found the furniture of our dreams, we don’t want to wait two months to get them delivered at our place.

A fixed-price move can also be used when you buy furniture or household appliances from another individual on your favorite classifieds site. We can pick anything anywhere to bring it to you.

Long-Distance Move

Fixed Price Moving
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Another service for which it is possible to take advantage of a fixed-price move is a long-distance move. Moving over a long distance implies many unknowns, like traffic, road works, weather conditions, and many others. The greater the distance to cover, the more risk to face unforeseen events along the way.

It is then very interesting to get access to a fixed-price move, because that eliminates many unforeseen variables and facilitates your financial planning.

For a move over a long distance, the main criterion affecting the cost is the distance to cover from point A to point B, because that has an impact on the mileage of the truck, on the fuel and the number of working hours of the employees. Of course, all those variables can be affected by the many possible unforeseen events during the long trip.


When you are making the choice to hire a professional moving company, like Demenaris, you can not only take advantage of the professional services and insurances such a company can offer you, but also get a very competitive pricing. On top of that, in some cases, you can get a fixed-price move, for a small delivery or for a long-distance move.

Do not hesitate any longer to contact us to discuss your moving or delivery project. Our experts will evaluate your needs precisely and will see if you can qualify for a fixed price for your move or your delivery, so you can have peace of mind.

If it’s not possible to offer you a fixed-price move, we will still offer you a detailed free quote for a professional moving service, which you could easily and advantageously compare with those of our competitors.