Affordable Move to Montreal

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Affordable Move to Montreal

Affordable Move to Montreal

There are many ways to have an affordable move to Montreal, while still using the services of a professional moving company. We will show you in this article how to save on the costs of a move, in total peace of mind, because you are using a professional moving company.

We need to compare apples with apples, though. It is relatively easy to find the absolute best price, but is that the best choice and really the most advantageous? There are many factors to consider when choosing a mover and you should avoid simply taking the lowest price, because they rarely evaluate the job to be done correctly.

An affordable move to Montreal, or anywhere in its metropolitan area, can be for a residential, a commercial, or even an industrial move. All these types of move are different, but every person and every company moving wishes to complete that operation at an affordable cost.

When and How to Get a Good Price

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For individuals as well as for businesses wishing to reduce their moving bill, it is important to opt for the packing of your smaller items. The boxing of most of your articles will take a lot of time, so doing it yourself will save you many hours off the clock of the movers.

Furthermore, it is an excellent way to make some sorting and reduce the total volume of items to be moved, which will help you get an affordable move to Montreal.

Since it is the same pool of employees and the same fleet of trucks carrying out residential and commercial moves, those latter will be subject to the same tariff seasons as the residential ones, especially in a location like Quebec, where the moving seasons are clearly defined.

For an affordable move to Montreal, is best to avoid the days and weeks around July 1st. It is also preferable to move during the week, Monday to Friday.

How to Compare

Finding the absolute lowest price is easy. You just have to look in classified to see well-intentioned people offering their arms and their small pickup truck to move you. However, is this a wise choice and really affordable? Most of those amateurs offer you a nice round figure, without evaluating the job to be done.

What will happen if you or your amateur mover get hurt during the operation? What compensation will you get if items are broken or your furniture scratched? And what will you do if, at the end of the day, your amateur asks you double the price you initially agreed on verbally?

A professional mover can offer you an affordable move to Montreal, besides offering you insurances covering all types of incidents.
To really compare apples with apples, ask quotes from various professional moving companies. Those quotes will be broken down and definitive.

Residential Move

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For a residential move, the Demenaris expert movers will take care of transport all your boxes in the truck and secure them correctly for the transportation, to prevent any movement and breakage. They will not pile up your belongings with no specific order. So, before loading the truck, they will inspect your boxes, their dimensions and their weight.

For furniture and household appliances, they will be well packed and protected with moving clean moving blankets. The largest pieces of furniture might be disassembled to ease up their packing and handling. Of course, our experts will reassemble them at your new address for an affordable move to Montreal.

Thanks to our expertise and to our specialized equipment correctly used by our experts, we can easily handle all your furniture, including large bookcases and pool tables. We also have the experience in moving more complex items like pianos and aquariums.

Commercial Moving

For businesses, the complexity often lies in large furniture and computer equipment to move from A to B. We have the expertise and the proper tools of the trade to transport all kinds of furniture, equipment and machinery.

We will disconnect them and will reinstall them quickly at your new location so you can resume your commercial activity in a flash, which is also an important factor to consider when seeking an affordable move to Montreal.

We can move you during the weekend, or even during the night in order to minimize the impact on your business. For a company, a good way to reduce their downtime because of a move is to do it in parts, like moving a department at a time.

Our experts will take care of disassembling and reassembling all your office furniture and your workstations will be put back in place according to the plan you have decided.

Last Word

Everyone is seeking an affordable move to Montreal, families as well as businesses. But you need to compare comparable services. Comparing a weekend amateur with his personal pickup and a professional moving company is not fair.

Also, the comparison should also consider all the moving services you will need, including insurances, not just the price alone.

It is important to be well prepared and to pick your date carefully in order to get an affordable move to Montreal. It is also preferable to reserve the services of a professional moving company, like Demenaris, as soon as you have decided to move, in order to ensure availability and the best price (you can see the company presentation on YouTube).

Contact us right away so we can see together how to make your plan of an affordable move to Montreal a reality.