Packaging service in Montreal

Packaging service in Montreal

Packaging service in Montreal

Packaging service in Montreal

Packaging service in Montreal

Packaging service in Montreal

Packing is a very important step when moving, transporting, delivering or storing items. Packing according to the rules and according to specific techniques is very important and represents a guarantee of safety and of arrival of your effects in perfect condition. For the moving, transportation, delivery and storage of your belongings, our company, Demenaris, specializes in all types of moves and can take care of all the packing. For the complete, partial or individual packing of your items, Demenaris offers you an impeccable packing service for your belongings as needed. Our packers answer your call for your residential and commercial packing. For your fragile, heavy and valuable items, we intervene efficiently and carefully.
Packaging Service In Montreal

Long-distance and Local Packing Service: The Solution to Avoid Unpleasant Surprises

Demenaris supports you for any need to pack your effects regardless of their destination. Thus, we have a long-distance but also a local packing service.

The Best Long-Distance Packing Service Near You

Do you need to organize a long-distance move on your own? Demenaris offers you its Montreal and long-distance packing service. We pack your belongings in Montreal, but we are also the solution for packing it to go from Montreal to Toronto, from Montreal to the City of Quebec, from Montreal to Ottawa and to many other places in Canada. Our packing service is usually accompanied by a moving truck loading service. It does not matter whether you are moving with your own truck or a rented truck, we will load the packed items. Our experience in packing furniture is the solution to ensure that your furniture arrives in excellent condition at its destination.

Safe Packing for Furniture in Perfect Condition

While there are insurance policies to cover the value of furniture damaged during a move, there are pieces of furniture that have a sentimental value to you. Therefore, replacing them is not the ideal solution. After a move, it is best to find your belongings in their original state. Our primary goal as a moving and packing company is to take care of your belongings in order to avoid possible accidents during move, relocation, delivery, loading or even unloading operations. The packing done by our services will protect your goods, but will also greatly facilitate the work of the movers for a very good quality service.

What Is Our Warehouse Packing Service?

Do you need to store your personal effects or on behalf of a business? Demenaris is the company you need for packing your belongings. Packing is a very important step in the successful storage without risk of wear and tear of your goods. We are therefore waiting to offer you and our entire team a quality packaging service at a very good price. Our packing professionals will take care of the packing of your goods for storage. So, you can store them without fear, and in complete safety, in the warehouse of your choice. If you wish, we can suggest safe warehouses for your belongings.

The Unpacking Step: A Very Important Part Not to Be Overlooked

Packing things for a move or just transporting them from one point to another is an undeniably important step, but unpacking also happens to be a very important task. Improper unpacking can also cause a broken piece of furniture or a broken object. To unpack your belongings, let our specialists apply their skills; we can help you in unpacking your furniture, your appliances and your storage boxes. Our specialists are trained to unpack and put each object in its reserved place. We will work neatly, fast and clean!

Demenaris: What Material Do We Use for Packing Your Goods?

Being a professional for packing goods of all types comes down to having a set of tools that are just as important as each other. To pack your belongings well, we need the following items:

Crumpled wrapping paper and bubble wrap to protect your belongings;

Moving boxes of various sizes;

Shrink wrap plastic;

Scissors or cutters.

Labels or markers to identify the contents of the boxes;

Covers to protect the mattresses;

Adhesive tape, also called packaging, tape intended to close your boxes;

Protective blankets;

Wardrobe boxes for your clothes.

Some Tips to Pack Your Goods Successfully

For the successful packaging of your goods, it is important to separate fragile items from the others. You will then wrap them by wrapping them in bubble wrap and crumpled wrapping paper to avoid any inconvenience later. Don’t forget to write “Fragile” on the box. Another very important tip is to always use crumpled paper and bubble wrap around your items. This will help to wedge them and prevent them from swaying in all directions. Finally, do not choose large boxes, they are heavy and difficult to lift when filled. Choose all cardboard sizes and always put the lightest items on top of the heaviest.

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