Moving to Saint-Hyacinthe

Déménagement Saint-Hyacinthe Québec

Déménagement Saint-Hyacinthe Québec

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Saint-Hyacinthe is an important city in the Monteregie region, where it is a hub for the surrounding farming world. Every summer, the local agricultural exhibition attracts local farmers as well as thousands of tourists. Saint-Hyacinthe is a natural living environment, but with tons of animation and dynamism for those moving to Saint-Hyacinthe.

Moving To Saint-Hyacinthe

Moving to Saint-Hyacinthe

Saint-Hyacinthe is also an important student city, because, among others, of its agricultural school and its Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.

That means that city is much more animated during the school year, because its population grows by about 20%. If you plan on moving to Saint-Hyacinthe, you need to do business with a company knowing how to do things right.

That is the case of Demenaris, which offers a whole range of services for residential, commercial and industrial moves. We can take care of any type of move, over any distance.

Agricultural Environment

Saint-Hyacinthe is in the center of an agricultural region. It is in fact the regional hub where farmers and breeders alike get their supplies and sell their products.

The city is a bit like the general store of the region, and we find there everything even remotely related to the exploitation of crop or livestock farms.

For over 180 years, there is a large agricultural fair. That is the occasion for breeders to buy and sell livestock and for farmers to see the latest models of tractors and other farm equipment.

The rest of the population takes advantage of the event to eat well and to take part in the many activities, including a rodeo.

Those moving to Saint-Hyacinthe thus find a rural environment that is healthy and well anchored in its important traditions, but also a very dynamic environment, because the city is always active with various events and cultural activities.

Since the city is crossed through by the Trans-Canada highway (the “20”), it is easily accessible from the Greater Montreal area, which is merely 60 km away.

The 55,000 inhabitants of Saint-Hyacinthe are thrilled to live in an environment mixing rurality and urbanity. Many people looking for this balance opt to join them and make the choice of moving to Saint-Hyacinthe.

Student City

Because of its agricultural vocation, the city has attracted many students, and many agricultural schools were founded or transferred there.

We first think about the Institut de technologie agroalimentaire (Institute of Food Technology), which trains college students in different specialties of horticulture and animal production, or about the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the Universite de Montreal where they learn to treat pets as well as farm animals.

In addition to the agricultural specialized institutions, the Cegep of Saint-Hyacinthe is a regional school attracting many students in multiple collegial programs.

In total, the city has more than 10,000 students, of which a large majority requires moving to Saint-Hyacinthe when fall comes.

We have a custom-made offer for students moving to Saint-Hyacinthe from the Greaterl Montreal Area, offering them a low-cost solution limited to a truck and a driver.

With this minimalist offer, students do most of the work and save a lot that way on the moving bill.

On top of that, if those students have friends also moving to Saint-Hyacinthe at the same time, they can save even more by combining the moves. Contact us to get more details.

Residential Moving to Saint-Hyacinthe

Moving To Saint-Hyacinthe
Déménagement demenaris

But, even if you are not a student, Demenaris can still help you moving to Saint-Hyacinthe. Every single day, we carry out moves of various sizes, to many destinations within Quebec or anywhere in Canada.

Our teams of Saint-Hyacinthe movers are well trained and place the safety of your belongings on top of their preoccupations.

Since they use the proper professional moving equipment, we can guarantee you that your belongings, furniture and household appliances, will arrive at the destination in perfect condition.

We can easily disassemble large and complex furniture (like a bed, a bookcase, a pool table, etc.) in order to better protect them and transport them more easily.

This additional step is key to ensure their ultimate protection from breakage and scratches during all the steps of moving to Saint-Hyacinthe.

Of course, for the transportation itself, all your items will be well protected in the truck thanks to moving covers, which will be clean and in perfect shape, as well as all tie-down systems to prevent unwanted movements.

Moving Company in Saint-Hyacinthe

Moving To Saint-Hyacinthe
Déménagement demenaris

So, if you are thinking about moving to Saint-Hyacinthe, to get closer to nature, or closer to school, in a small city buzzing with activities, Demenaris has all the moving services you need (see the presentation of our company on YouTube).

If you are moving to Saint-Hyacinthe for your studies, we offer you low-cost packages to transport your belongings and furniture in order to share an apartment and thus save on the rent (instead of renting a furnished apartment).

We can also combine your move with the one of friends and thus reduce the cost even more. Demenaris offers a wide range of services for residential, commercial, industrial and even agricultural moves.

No challenge is too big or too small for our experts; we can move heavy machinery within the same building or transfer the content of a three-story house across the country.

All moving operations are done with superior professionalism that will exceed your expectations. What are you waiting to contact us and discuss your moving needs? We will be happy to see how we can help you in that complex operation.