Moving to Napierville

Déménagement Napierville Québec

Déménagement Napierville Québec

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Napierville is a small town in Southern Monteregie region, located between Montreal and the border with the United States. It is mostly a farming environment where life goes at a different pace than it does in the city; it is much more easy-going and relaxed. Making the choice of moving to Napierville is thus opting for the pace of living in better harmony with nature.

Déménagement Napierville

Moving to Napierville

Because of its proximity to the American border, the inhabitants of Napierville are a bit closer to the city of Champlain (New York state) than to the one of Montreal.

Many residents of the area take advantage of this proximity to go shopping in the United States, for gas or groceries, for example.

To take advantage of those numerous benefits, nothing better than moving to Napierville and to start your move by getting rid of all worries.

Entrusting the operation to a professional moving company, having experience in all types of moves, as it is our case, Demenaris.


All Monteregie area is an immense agricultural territory, patched with a few urban agglomerations, with various density. With its 4,000 inhabitants, Napierville is certainly on the small side of the municipalities.

That means you are closer to the omnipresent natural environment. Moving to Napierville is almost like getting lost in nature.

The region is rather flat, so no big mountains around, because the Appalachian Mountains are further east, but there is water, lots of water.

Napierville is just a few kilometers away from the Richelieu River, connecting to the enormous Lake Champlain, sitting on the border between Canada and the United States.

Both on the river and the lake, you have the opportunity to do many water activities, three seasons a year. Many residents of the region have sail boats to go over the lake, an excellent reason for moving to Napierville.

Proximity to the United States

Another excellent reason for moving to Napierville is its proximity to the United States, especially the state of New York, which is the closest border state, although Vermont is just a bit farther from Napierville.

Many people living in Napierville or the surrounding towns regularly go to the United States (in the cities of Champlain and Plattsburgh) to do their groceries or simply buy gas.

Some products are only available in the United States, or they are simply cheaper there compared to Canada.

Being very close to the border, which is normally easy to cross, people who made the choice of moving to Napierville can then have access to better selection for their purchases of all kinds.

They can also go to Plattsburgh to take a plane towards other parts of the United States, since domestic flights (within the USA) are cheaper than the ones going to the same destinations departing from Montreal.

Residential Moving to Napierville

Moving To Napierville
Déménagement demenaris

Moving to Napierville without problems is easy if you enlist the help of an experienced moving company, like Demenaris. We have an extensive experience in all types of residential, commercial and industrial moves.

We have the know-how and the tools of the trade required to deal with all situations related to moving items, whether over a small or a large distance.

Moving to Napierville implies many and complex steps, besides lots of details to worry about.

Simplify your life by entrusting your moving operation to professionals who will take great care of your belongings, furniture and appliances in order to provide you with a complete satisfaction.

We can address all your moving needs, from the simple transportation to a turnkey solution. Our expert movers can handle everything from packing to the final installation in your new home.

Our experienced Napierville movers will disassemble your large furniture (bed, bookcase, multimedia furniture, etc.) to better wrap them and ease up their transportation in order to optimize their protection.

Delivery and Heavy Objects

In addition to full-scale moving operations, many specialized moving companies offer complimentary services. That is the case for Demenaris (you can see the presentation of our company on YouTube).

Even if you have made the choice of moving to Napierville years ago, you could still need our services. The best known of our other services is the delivery.

If you buy furniture or appliances in Montreal, for example, you might have a problem getting it delivered to your place.

If that is the case, contact us. We can easily deliver your item to Napierville from any location. It does not matter if you bought the furniture of your dreams from an individual or from a store not offering delivery up to Napierville.

Another, lesser-known, service we offer is the move of heavy or fragile objects. Maybe you have a piano or a pool table at home and need to transfer it to another room or floor.

In order to carry out such move operation, you need to have the skills and the proper equipment to protect both the item itself and the people involved in the operation.

Moving Company to Napierville

Moving To Napierville
Déménagement demenaris

Whether you want to get closer to nature or to the United States, moving to Napierville is an interesting option to improve your quality of life, leaving behind the city.

Using the services of a professional moving company is the best way to ensure that all your belongings will arrive to the new home safely.

But you can also contact us for delivering, moving or assembling furniture. We can carry out any task related to moving articles: from packing to the final installation, with the safe transportation, of course.

Contact us to discuss your moving needs and we will see how we can simplify your life.