Moving to Lorraine

Déménagement Lorraine Québec

Déménagement Lorraine Québec

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To find a house at a more affordable price, people leave Montréal island and go in the suburbs. On the north side, people go beyond Laval and settle on the North Shore. Close to the cities of Sainte-Thérèse and Rosemère, we find the small town of Lorraine, so some people make the choice of moving to Lorraine, for its greater quality of life.

Déménagement Lorraine

Moving to Lorraine

If you want to do the same, you will certainly need to enlist the help of a professional moving company.

The team of movers of Demenaris includes competent and courteous people, able to easily take care of moving to Lorraine all your belongings, furniture and household appliances.

On top of that, those moving professionals also offer other services like commercial moving, packing, furniture assembly, delivery, storage and even more services that only a professional company can offer you.

Let us not forget to mention that all the top-quality services of Demenaris are offered at a very affordable rate.

Quality of Life

Most people opting to live on the North Shore do it to improve their quality of life. There, they find houses at a more affordable price than in Montreal or Laval, and a more inviting natural environment.

Despite that, they are close to many important cities like Sainte-Therese and Laval, where they can find all the services they can need.

With the expansion of teleworking, they can work from home in a more interesting environment than in the heart of a big city.

That is another reason why people consider moving to Lorraine, a small town of fewer than 10,000 inhabitants.

In addition to many parks and the access to the Mille-Îles river, the city of Lorraine also features a golf course.

As for transportation, the city is very well connected to various roads: the road 640 crosses the center of the town, while the road 344 passes just south of it and the road 335, which is located just east of the town, has a bridge leading to Laval.

So, moving to Lorraine is choosing a quieter life environment, but while being linked to easily accessible urban centres.

The town of Lorraine is smaller, often unknown and ignored by many, but those who decide to settle down there do not regret it.

Residential Moving in Lorraine

Moving To Lorraine
Déménagement demenaris

If you are moving to Lorraine, you will need to do business with a trustworthy, well-established moving company which will be able to address all your needs.

It should not matter if your move is done over a short (from North Shore or Laval, for example) or over a longer distance (Montreal or anywhere else in the province of Quebec).

Our expert movers will pack, handle and transport all your belongings with great care.

Our well-trained Lorraine movers use the proper tools/accessories to ensure the absolute safety and integrity of your belongings, furniture and household appliances in order for them to arrive at your new residence in perfect condition.

We use our own reliable and regularly inspected trucks, as well as all the proper tools of the trade (from straps to covers), to handle your items safely and protect them during the transportation.

We also protect your floors and walls during the interior moves, whether you are moving to Lorraine or elsewhere.

For larger furniture items, our movers can disassemble them to ease up their handling, facilitate their passage through doorways, better wrap/protect them against bumps and scratches, etc.

Of course, our experts will reassemble all disassembled furniture, so it recovers its useful function.

Other Services

In addition to the traditional residential moving services, Demenaris also offers commercial (offices, stores, restaurants) and industrial moving services.

We have all the equipment and the expertise required to take care of all types of moves, big or small. Indeed, since we also offer delivery services.

Maybe you are thinking about buying furniture or appliances in Montreal or Laval, but you have no idea how to bring them home.

Our delivery service can help you by moving to Lorraine any item of your choice. Our specialists can also take care of the assembly and installation of any furniture or household appliance.

If you prefer to move in two steps, we offer a temporary storage service through which we can safely store your belongings in our monitored warehouses.

We offer to our residential, commercial and industrial clients a turnkey solution, through which we take care of everything for you: from packing to unpacking and installation, including, of course, the loading, transportation and unloading of the truck.

We have special packages for special clients like students and senior citizens, adapting us to their specific needs when it comes to moving to Lorraine.

Moving company in Lorraine hiring only professionals

Moving To Lorraine
Déménagement demenaris

Whatever moving needs you have, big or small, over a short or a long distance, we can help you and greatly facilitate your life if you plan on moving to Lorraine, or anywhere else.

Our experienced employees use quality tools and equipment to ensure the complete protection of your belongings and transport them to your new home.

The extensive selection of complementary services we offer enables us to cover all your needs. Our teams have already done hundreds of times any task that might seem impossible to you.

Whether it is for a move, delivery, furniture assembly or household appliance installation, our teams are at your disposal to solve any challenge (you can consult the opinions of our satisfied customers on Google).

Do not hesitate to contact Demenaris if you face any kind of problem related to moving something, we will see how we can help you quickly.