Moving to Chateauguay

Déménagement Chateauguay Québec

Déménagement Chateauguay Québec

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Moving is a part of life that ends up imposing itself to us at one point or another. Are you planning to move soon to Chateauguay? Don’t hesitate to call up moving professionals to ensure the safety of your possessions. The success of a moving operation requires lots of efforts and experience, it’s not something everyone can do easily. It is thus recommended to entrust that task to professionals in order to benefit from an optimal service. If you live in Quebec, especially in the city of Chateauguay, you shouldn’t have any worry. Our company, Demenaris, is there to accompany you. Learn here about our services.

Moving To Chateauguay

Residential Move to Chateauguay

For a successful move, it is recommended to contact a professional moving company in Chateauguay.

Our company, Demenaris, offers you all the services you’ll need for your move in Chateauguay or between Montreal and Chateauguay.

So, for a residential move, we are available to give you an optimal service. Although it may seem a good and economical idea to complete the move on your own, there are many advantages to delegate this process to professionals.

To start with, the people who will be moving and transporting your belongings were specially trained for that task. Our professionals are experienced enough to know how each type of object should be transported.

This ensures not only the safety of your furniture, but it also prevents you from being injured by trying to do it on your own.

Our movers take care of everything. You just have to give your instructions, and they’ll be followed to the letter. We move your fragile objects with care and professionalism.

Our professional team will move your belongings very quickly, which saves you precious time.

In the rare case in which something is damaged or lost during the move, our company undertakes to compensate you or to repair/replace your object as it was. That’s the coverage you don’t have if you move on your own.

In general, a residential move made by our professionals can easily be more economical than you think. With Demenaris, you get the best services in terms of safety and speed.

Commercial Move Between Montreal and Chateauguay

Moving To Châteauguay
Déménagement demenaris

You know very well how much it can be painful to carry out the relocation of your business on your own. To lighten up your load, it’s better to call up on moving experts. Our company can also help you with commercial moves.

You can only gain by trusting us; with the intervention of our specialized movers, you can be sure to have qualified experts taking care of your possessions.

Our primary objective is to ensure the safety of your belongings and furniture from loading to unpacking.

By entrusting us with the move of your company, you get all our required expertise to ensure the protection of your items during all the moving process. The skills of our team are at your service.

Moreover, we have a variety of trucks adapted to various needs, including the ones of your business.

Our fleet at your disposal will greatly reduce the number of round trips necessary to transfer all your possessions to the new address while ensuring them proper transportation.

That way, you reduce the risks of damages and you save a lot of time, which you can use otherwise.

By using our services, you limit the eventual damages that could happen during the process. You’ll avoid damaging our items or hurting yourself by trying to do it on your own.

Our trained and well-equipped movers can move your things quickly and safely, without any problem. Quality is first with us. Also, we offer totally affordable rates.

Disassembly and Reassembly of Furniture in Chateauguay

A complete moving process includes disassembling furniture to store them safely in the moving truck.

The disassembling/reassembling process requires professionals, as errors occurring during the reassembly phase can damage your goods. So, entrust professionals with those tasks; they’ll provide you an impeccable service.

We excel in the assembly and installations of all kinds:

  • Bedroom furniture assembly
  • Kitchen furniture assembly
  • Bathroom furniture assembly
  • Gym equipment assembly
  • Wall support installation
  • And so on…

Even assembling IKEA furniture might require the intervention of an expert, as they are quite fragile during the assembly process. Professional help can speed up the process AND ensure your safety.

Move and Installation of Particular Items in Chateauguay

Moving To Chateauguay
Déménagement demenaris

There are items that pose specific challenges when moving them, even for some moving companies. Thanks to the numerous years of experience of our professionals, moving your particular items won’t be a problem.

Moving Pianos to Chateauguay

Moving a piano involves lots of effort. It’s generally not advisable to move your piano on your own. This process exposes you (and your helpers) to injuries.

So, it’s much wiser to call up specialists in that field, like our team who’s ready and willing to help you.

Our specialized movers for this kind of task will find the best way to move and install back your piano in the best possible conditions.

You can always consult our Google reviews what our customers tell about us.