Moving from Montreal to Saint John

Saint John is one of the two most important cities of New Brunswick, with its 70,000 inhabitants (just like Moncton). St. John is a very dynamic city, including at the cultural level. Since it is a bilingual city within a bilingual province, everything happens in both official languages. A moving from Montréal to Saint John is a bit like settling down in the Canadian ideal of bilingualism.

Montreal - Saint John

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Moving from Montreal to Saint John

Saint John is one of the two most important cities of New Brunswick, with its 70,000 inhabitants (just like Moncton).

The city is surrounded by water, lodged between the basins of rivers Saint John and Kennebecasis on the north side and the Bay of Fundy, with its impressive tides, on the south side.

That is thus the perfect spot for those who love water, that is one reason many choose to make a moving from Montreal to Saint John.

The city is linked to the one of Digby in Nova Scotia by a ferry crossing the width of the Bay of Fundy (75 km or so) separating them.

Saint John, Cultural Capital

Culture, or perhaps we should say CULTURES, since both French-speaking and English-speaking cultures are well represented in this town, are everywhere in Saint John.

Opting for a moving from Montreal to Saint John is choosing a city with lots of public art, visual arts, theaters, art galleries, live music, dance and festivals of all kinds.

The city counts a dozen cultural institutions that promote art in all forms, both in French and in English.

This cultural dynamism is a source of pride for those living in Saint John and it is the soul of the social fabric of the city. It is not surprising that the city has been named Cultural Capital of Canada.

That is a huge reason why many make a moving from Montreal to Saint John.

Since water is everywhere in Saint John, the sea culture, like the one related to fishing, is part of everyday life in Saint John.

This small town that lives according to the enormous tides of the Bay of Fundy, also has a rich architectural heritage accumulated since its foundation, almost 400 years ago.

Indeed, the town was founded in 1631, and it boasts dozens of historical buildings throughout the city.

Saint John, Affordable City

In 2020, Saint John was ranked 6th (by Demographia International) among the most affordable cities in the world.

With a median price for houses around only $168,000 and apartments (with 2 bedrooms) having an average rent of $825 per month, the city is definitely one of the most affordable across the country, so an excellent choice for families and a good reason for a moving from Montreal to Saint John.

In the southeastern corner of the province of New Brunswick, Saint John can seem far away, squeezed by the Bay of Fundy.

However, thanks to a ferry, it is connected to the city of Digby in the neighboring province of Nova Scotia.

It is also relatively close to the Prince Edward Island province, just 260 km away (considering the scale of a country like Canada, that is almost next door).

Making a moving from Montreal to Saint John also means getting very close to the United States, since you can easily join the town of Calais, in the state of Maine, which is located just 115 km away.

Finally, Saint John, as the rest of the New Brunswick province, where the call center industry is very strong, has a first-class Internet connection. That is thus the perfect location to work remotely.

Long-Distance Moving

If you are leaving from the Greater Montreal Area, you will need to travel over 900 km to reach Saint John. It is then not surprising that a moving from Montreal to Saint John is considered as a long-distance move.

Such a move implies many differences with a short-distance move (also called “local move”).

You first need a bigger and sturdier truck to travel such a long distance.

But, even before you leave, you need to take even more care to wrap and protect furniture, household appliances and all your belongings, because they will spend a lot more than just an hour or two inside the truck.

A moving from Montreal to Saint John thus implies a bit more preparation and people who have the experience of carrying out moves over long distances.

Unlike the amateurs that pop up during summer in the classified ads, Demenaris is a professional moving company that has all the human and material resources to help you transfer your belongings to another province, and over a long distance.

A moving from Montreal to Saint John involves already a lot of paperwork for you to handle, especially since it concerns two provinces.

It is then best to avoid being worried about the safety of your goods and to do business with an experienced company having all the required insurances to give you peace of mind.


As we just have seen, Saint John has many positive sides, and it has a lot to offer to those choosing to settle down there.

Whether it is for nature or culture, you will find everything in Saint John, while still being in a middle-size city with an outstanding quality of life.

If you want to go forward with a moving from Montreal to Saint John, considering its great distance from the Montreal area, it is much simpler and more reassuring to enlist the help of a professional moving company, like Demenaris.

Contact us and we will establish with you the best plan for your moving from Montreal to Saint John. We will give you a free and detailed quote.

You will see that using the services of a professional moving company can cost you much less than you think.