Moving from Montreal to Saguenay

Whether it’s a residential or commercial move, organizing a move is not a simple project. And when it has to be done over a long distance, the task becomes much more complicated. It will take good planning of all the different stages so that everything goes smoothly. If you currently live in Montréal and want to move to Saguenay, Demenaris offers its long-distance moving services. We provide you with the equipment and qualified professionals to plan your move properly. This is the place to learn more about our long-distance moving services.

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Residential Move Between Montréal and Saguenay

For your move to the Saguenay area, we offer a residential moving service that adapts to your needs. It is always advisable to call in professionals if you want to change your residence.

To start your moving project, start by packing your belongings in the appropriate boxes. Be careful in this step so as not to mix fragile objects with those that can withstand shocks. It is advisable to put the objects of the same room together to make your job easier when setting up. The essential trick to quickly identifying boxes is to mark them by writing down, for example, the objects that are stored inside. This is a trick that will prevent you from treating all boxes the same.

Save Time With Our Professional Movers

By using our services, you benefit from a simple, fast and efficient move. We take care of moving your belongings to your new home. For this, we choose the right truck according to the volume of your possessions.

In addition, you also have the option of taking advantage of us packing boxes. We can help with the packing of the items and transfer to the eventual destination. However, you are going to need to take an inventory of all the equipment to make sure everything is in order. Remember to specify fragile items when making this list. Our movers take this into account to provide you with a custom-made service. The price of this service is based on the distance between your current location and Saguenay.

Commercial Move Between Montréal and Saguenay

If you find a residential move complicated to organize, a commercial move is even trickier. This type of move takes a lot more effort than a residential move. In fact, you will first have to make sure that this move will not affect your current activities. For this, several arrangements can be made by consulting your employees in order to make joint decisions. However, it will be the same as a residential move from a practical standpoint. You must therefore start by arranging your belongings and packing them in different boxes. Then, you will need to call on moving professionals, like Demenaris.

Why Call a Professional Mover?

Bringing in a moving professional is the first decision you need to make. Especially for a commercial move, for which things get more complicated. You will face managing the organization of your move and all the tasks it entails, while your business needs you. This period can therefore have consequences for the performance of the company if you are not fully present. In addition, the length of the move could have an impact on the business. The faster you do this, the sooner your business can get back up and running. Therefore, hiring a mover is the best way to organize a quick move while focusing on your business.

If your current headquarters are in Montréal and you wish to join a new office in Saguenay, you can call on our services. We cover long-distance moves by taking care of all the tasks that this might entail. Trust us and your belongings will be transported safely to your new destination.

Long-Distance Equipment Delivery Services

Apart from moving services, we also offer safe long-distance delivery services. We deliver different materials whether furniture or household appliances. If you want to transport any of these items from Montréal to Saguenay, do not hesitate to trust us.

Having already the experience of moving large objects and having the best movers in the region, we will be happy to move any piece of furniture of your choice to your home. Since this is quite important material to you, your best bet is to entrust them to a reputable company, like Demenaris. Also take advantage of our services to transport any fragile object like a pool table or a piano.

Safe Delivery of Fragile Items

The key challenge that most delivery companies face is the safety of the material being transported. When it comes to a fragile object, it is advisable to entrust its transportation to an experienced company in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Demenaris has several means of transportation capable of safely moving the items of your choice. Fragile or not, the safety of your items is our top priority. We therefore take all necessary steps to ensure that the device or object is delivered to your home safely.

Demenaris is a professional moving company that helps you succeed in your home change project. Our many professional movers are always available to put their know-how at your service. So do not hesitate to call on our services if necessary. We will be at your side to support you in this project.