Moving from Montreal to Mont-Tremblant

With the administrative procedures it requires and the organization that must be put in place, moving is often a source of stress, especially when it has to be done over a long distance. To make your job easier, the services of professionals are particularly recommended. You can count on Demenaris, a specialist in long-distance moves from Montréal. Our company offers you its services for your long-distance moves from Montréal to Mont-Tremblant or its surroundings, including cities below.

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Moving From Montreal To Mont-Tremblant

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What are the particularities of a long-distance move?

A move is said to be a long-distance one when the distance between the two addresses, that is to say the place of departure and the place of destination, is beyond a radius of 60 km from Montréal. The city of Mont-Tremblant is located 137.5 km from Montréal, so a move from Montréal to this city is considered a long-distance move.

A move like this presents a lot more constraints, especially if you don’t have the necessary equipment and you have to go back and forth a lot. These are all the more reasons to entrust your move to Demenaris. Their team can take care of your move from A to Z, and you will be spared the stress and fatigue that moves can cause.

Demenaris Services

The services of Demenaris extend over several plans, residential moving, commercial moving, or the delivery of furniture and household appliances. Our teams of movers are entirely at your disposal. They will know how to act with tact, speed and efficiency.

Montréal Residential Move to Mont-Tremblant

Like any task, a residential move from Montréal to Mont-Tremblant requires good organization. Demenaris offers to support you in this process of moving from Montréal to Mont-Tremblant. After you contacted us, moving experts will take care of the inventory by visiting your current location. This includes assessing the volume of furniture and potential difficulties. Their observations will determine the number of movers needed as well as the size of the truck to use. All security arrangements will also be made so that the move takes place in the best possible conditions.

It all starts with the choice of packaging. Demenaris uses quality packaging to protect your belongings. These include padded papers, adhesive tapes, mattress bags, wardrobe boxes, transportation covers, etc. In other words, the security of your property is guaranteed to the maximum.

Commercial Move From Montréal to Mont-Tremblant

A full range of services are available to you. Whether it is planning, preparation, coordination, supervision or work relating to the relocation of your business, Demenaris considers your area of intervention in order to better adapt its services to your needs. Your furniture and all your tools will be transported with the greatest care.

In addition, your commercial move from Montréal to Mont-Tremblant can be carried out during the day or the night, or even on days off. Everything is done to make the relocation of your business from Montréal to Mont-Tremblant a success.

Long-Distance Delivery of Furniture and Household Appliances

Besides moving services, Demenaris is at your disposal for your deliveries of furniture and household appliances from Montréal to Mont-Tremblant. Whether you are an individual, a business, a restaurant or a store, our team will take care of delivering your goods to their destination. Delivery can even be made from the place of purchase. Here, too, all arrangements are made to ensure the safety of the items to be delivered.

Demenaris Assets

The first advantage you get with Demenaris is the variety of our services, given that we offer residential and commercial moves as well as deliveries of furniture and appliances. Our company remains entirely at your disposal and is committed to making your moving project a success.

Since the risks and constraints are multiplied with long-distance moves, Demenaris has equipped itself with quality equipment. Moving trucks with an air suspension system are used to transport your belongings so they can be protected from any bumps along the way. We provide you with experienced movers who will adapt to your needs.

You will benefit from a free and detailed quote to have a better understanding of the moving process. In order to guarantee you excellent value for money, the services offered are suitable for all situations and are covered by a professional guarantee. In addition, Demenaris makes a point of respecting the deadlines.

Some Tips for Your Long-Distance Residential Move

When it comes to moving, it’s important to prepare well in advance. Once in the new accommodation, certain precautions must also be taken.

For example, it is advisable to change the locks on your new home, in case the previous owner has shared keys with other people, such as family members or certain neighbors. Make copies of keys to prevent any problems in case of loss.

Then learn to familiarize yourself with your home. For example, you can label the circuit breakers in the fuse box, so you know which one to change when needed. Find out where the main water valve is, so you can turn it off quickly in the event of a leak, to protect yourself from water damage.

It is also recommended that you take the time to meet your future neighbors to establish a good relationship from the start.

Also, don’t forget to change your home insurance, to make sure you are covered in the event of a loss.