Moving from Montreal to Moncton

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Moving is always a complex operation, with many details to take into account, from the change of address to the transfer of all your belongings. The farther away are the old and the new addresses, the more delicate is the entire operation. We can thus easily imagine that a moving from Montreal to Moncton is a task much more complex than a local move.
Moving From Montreal To Moncton
Moving from montreal to moncton

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Moving from Montreal to Moncton

Moncton and its surrounding area have many advantages that bring people from all over the country, including from the Greater Montreal Area. Some choose Moncton to live in a smaller town, others are attracted by the lower prices of houses, others do it to be closer to their family or simply closer to the other Atlantic provinces.

These are all good reasons of thinking about a moving from Montreal to Moncton. Such a move is, of course, a long-distance move because almost 1,000 km are separating both cities. It is thus not the kind of move to entrust to an amateur.

Moncton and Its Region

Moncton is one of the two most important cities of the New Brunswick province. Indeed, both Moncton and St. John have virtually the same population: about 70,000 inhabitants. Thus, a moving from Montreal to Moncton implies to get into a rich and diversified urban environment, not to be lost in the country.

Since the population density in the only bilingual Canadian province is relatively low, there is lots of nature around the few major cities of New Brunswick, that is one of the reasons that makes some people think about a moving Montreal-Moncton.

But the geographic location of Moncton also plays a role in the decision of many people to settle down there. Indeed, the town is located in the eastern part of the province and it is close to Nova Scotia (the town of Amherst is only 65 km away) and Prince Edward Island (about 110 km).

The town is located along the Petitcodiac River, which goes to the Bay of Fundy and its impressive tides. Many make a moving from Montreal to Moncton to take advantage of many nautical and sports activities offered by the various water resources.

Besides that, sea is also accessible in another direction because Moncton is only 25 km away from Shediac and its lobster fishing area.

Why Moving to Moncton?

Moving Montreal-Moncton
Moving montreal-moncton

Moncton itself is a very interesting city, because it is big enough to offer all the services people expect to find in a city; personal services, industries, entertainment, etc. A moving from Montreal to Moncton allows you to get in a human-size city while having almost all the services you want for your everyday life.

For many years now, Moncton has been known as one location within the Atlantic provinces where the houses are the least expensive. That is obviously an important factor to consider when many people think about a moving from Montreal to Moncton to leave behind larger urban centers and get into a calmer environment.

That is also an excellent location to establish your retail store, because Moncton is known to be the shopping mecca of the Atlantic provinces. The area is thus perfect for both merchants and shoppers.

Finally, a moving from Montreal to Moncton is living at the heart of nightlife and cultural life, because artistic and cultural events are numerous in this bilingual city, where you can find all kinds of entertainment in both French and English, throughout the year.

Moving Long Distance with Demenaris

Moving From Montreal To Moncton
Moving from montreal to moncton

When you are planning a move over such a long distance (1,000 km), it is important not to forget anything. There is also the complication coming from the fact that the move is made from one province to another, adding to the paperwork. So, at least, make sure your belongings will be properly transported during a moving from Montreal to Moncton.

To do so, entrust a professional moving company, like Demenaris, which has the experience of long-distance moves. Such a move requires taking greater care of the packaging, for fragile items or not, and to properly attach everything within the moving truck to avoid any displacement and breakage during the transportation.

With our many years of experience in the moving sector, we have completed hundreds of moves over long distances, so a moving from Montreal to Moncton is certainly something we are not afraid to do, and we have all the human and material resources to do so in a safe and efficient way.

To make your move over a long distance a success, you need to enlist the help of professionals, because the amateur promoting himself on Kijiji does not have the resources and the skills to help you with that.

Demenaris: Long-distance moving compagny Montreal-Moncton

Moncton and its area have numerous attractions that can interest you, whether it is for work or to get closer to your Acadian family. This medium-size city offers all the services you are looking for, while being close to two other Atlantic Canadian provinces.

You will be much closer to sea and nature in general, allowing you to completely transform your lifestyle and to slow down to a healthier pace, much different from the one present in larger cities like Montreal.

A moving from Montreal to Moncton is thus an excellent choice for many people. If you are among those people, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your moving project and we will see how we can help you.

You will see that we will provide you with a free quote with all the details of your move over such a long distance, at a very competitive price.