Moving from Montreal to Halifax

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Moving is to leave your reassuring living environment and go to an unfamiliar environment. Usually, it is an important step in a person’s life. But the move can also be seen as an opportunity. Maybe you just want a change of scenery, to be more comfortable, to make new friends or to improve your standard of living. Whatever the reason, be it personal or professional, moving frequently involves a certain amount of stress and anxiety with sorting out belongings, packing and transporting them. The further away the new destination, the more the stress level increases. Any move beyond a 60-kilometer radius from Montreal will be called a “long-distance move”. The move to Halifax is one of them, as this city is geographically located about 1,200 km from Montreal.
Moving From Montreal To Halifax
Moving from montreal to halifax

We can move you to the following locations:

Moving from Montreal to Halifax

Moving from Halifax to Montreal

Moving from Montreal to Dartmouth

Moving from Montreal to Lower Sackville

Moving from Montreal to Sambro

Moving from Montreal to Prospect

Moving from Montreal to East Chezzetcook

Moving from Montreal to Elmsdale

Moving from Montreal to Eastern Passage

Moving from Montreal to Beaver Bank

Moving from Montreal to Terence Bay

Moving from Montreal to Seaforth

Moving from Montreal to Mount Uniacke

Moving from Montreal to Mill Cove

Moving from Montreal to Lucasville

Moving from Montreal to Bedford

Moving from Montreal to Timberlea

Moving from Montreal to Goodwood

Moving from Montreal to Lawrencetown

Moving from Montreal to French Village

Moving from Montreal to Ingramport

Moving from Montreal to Hubbards

Moving from Montreal to Musquodoboit Harbour

Why Choose That City? Moving from Montreal to Halifax

Each year, the capital of Nova Scotia, with approximately 432,000 inhabitants, attracts many newcomers. This beautiful Canadian city is steeped in history, and its many old properties recall its role during the War of 1812.

Many events also take place each year, including the Canada Day fireworks and other countless celebrations. The sea with its white and sandy beaches offers various activities such as diving and surfing.

The green surroundings of the city are perfect for those seeking tranquility. The city has over seven university campuses. Thousands of students then make the choice to continue their studies on one of these campuses.

Not to mention the tourists who come to visit the “Maritime Museum of the Atlantic”, the 18th century National Citadel from where one has a breathtaking view of the entire city, or even the “Point Pleasant Park” and McNab Island.

Many companies from other regions of Canada decide to establish themselves in this city to expand their activities.

Call Demenaris: Professional Moving Company from Montreal to Halifax

Moving From Montreal To Halifax
Moving from montreal to halifax

Moving is no simple task. You can always count on your relatives or friends to help you. But given the long distance to be covered, the volume to be moved and the cost of the service, it makes more sense to entrust your moving from Montreal to Halifax project to professionals.

Using inexperienced movers increases the risk of breakage, damage, or even loss of your personal effects. Your relationship with your friends could be damaged if they deteriorate the things you care about. But that’s not all.

What if one of them gets injured during your moving from Montreal to Halifax? Who would be responsible? These are unfortunate situations that arise regularly. It is therefore preferable to call on moving experts such as Demenaris.

Residential moving from Montreal to Halifax

Demenaris is there to support you, whether it is for small moves or for a residential move between the two cities (moving from Montreal to Halifax). Our team of professional movers will be delighted to offer you its long-distance residential moving service.

We will plan and synchronize the transportation of your personal effects and your furniture so that there is no damage. A fair estimate will be made of the volume to be moved so that you only have to pay what is strictly necessary for your moving from Montreal to Halifax.

If the renovation of your new home or apartment has not yet been completed, Demenaris also has a storage service in a secure location, for as long as it is needed.

Long-distance commercial moving from Halifax to Montreal

Are you considering moving from Montreal to Halifax your business? Our personnel specializing in the transportation of heavy equipment over long distances will be at your service. They were trained in the installation of office furniture.

Your equipment will therefore be transferred safely and then reinstalled upon arrival when moving from Montreal to Halifax. In order to protect your effects and property, each of them is given special attention.

Therefore, the size of the moving trucks, which can range from a van to a heavy truck, will be chosen according to the volume to be moved. Your belongings will therefore not be piled up or piled on top of each other to avoid damage.

Again, if the renovation/construction of your new business premises has not yet been completed, your belongings can be stored in a secure location.

Transportation and Delivery of Furniture and Appliances

Moving From Montreal To Halifax
Moving from montreal to halifax

Demenaris also offers its services for long-distance delivery of furniture and appliances. You will benefit from the same quality of service as for a traditional moving from Montreal to Halifax, always with prices calculated as accurately as possible.

Save money for your Montreal-Halifax moving project

Whatever the nature of your moving from Montreal to Halifax project, the objective of Demenaris always remains the same: to offer you the best services at the best price and on time. The cost of your moving from Montreal to Halifax will be calculated based on different criteria.

The time of the year, the date of your move, the distance between the two addresses, the size of the truck, the weight and volumes of the objects, the packing, the number of movers needed, the particular equipment used, as well as, if applicable, the storage time of your items will be accurately estimated. You will only pay for what is necessary.

However, you can take advantage of a price reduction by reserving the date of your moving from Montreal to Halifax. If possible, pack your own boxes, pack your belongings, and get rid of unnecessary items to speed up the work of the movers and save money.

There is another possibility to reduce considerably the cost of your move with the “group move”. It’s about taking advantage of a consolidation with another move going in the same direction. Your furniture and your belongings will then be shipped at lower cost. The only downside is that you can’t choose the date or time of your move or delivery.