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Why choose Demenaris - The best moving company Montreal?

For any type of move in Montreal, choose a reputable moving company in Greater Montreal and throughout Quebec.

Demenaris – This is a high-end moving company Montreal.

We provide elite moving options for Montreal, including the South Shore and the North Shore, and when you choose Demenaris to manage your moving project, you get the support of an expert team.

At Demenaris, our primary mission is to support our clients with the best moving offers throughout Montreal, the North Shore, and the South Shore.

Compagnie de déménagement
Moving Company Montreal

In fact, in Montreal, Demenaris is a premier moving company Montreal made up of professionals who are experienced in moving and well-known for the high quality of services we offer.

With our many years of experience in the moving industry, we have perfected our craft and have won over many very satisfied customers with our excellent moving services.

If you are moving (no matter the type of move), choose Demenaris – the Best Moving Company Montreal.

High-End Montreal moving services

Demenaris offers customized services for your moving project when moving to Montreal. Whether for commercial or residential moving in Montreal, short- or long-distance moving, moving without a truck, moving pianos, needing storage, etc., our company has all the solutions to help you succeed with your project from start to finish.

In order to avoid unpleasant surprises during the moving process and to avoid going around in circles because of missing equipment, the experts at Demenaris always have a good plan in place so that we meet the varied needs of all our clients. (see the presentation of our moving company Montreal on YouTube).

Our moving company Montreal provides you with meticulously maintained moving trucks with carefully chosen, high-quality equipment and materials. All of our trucks are equipped with the following:

Moving Company Montreal

How to Obtain Demenaris Services Quickly?

Getting Demenaris services is very easy. Contact us on our site by leaving a private message or calling us directly. Customer service will receive you and take your request into account. Be clear in your request by giving all the details of your project.

When you fill out your initial quote, you will be given the opportunity to give all the details of your move. It’s essential to provide us with as much information as possible to ensure an accurate quote. Some of the things you should tell our Montreal Movers are the following:

Our Excellent Moving Services for Montreal

Expert Services for an Exquisite Moving Experience

The expert movers of Demenaris know how to transport and successfully install your piano or pool table when moving to Montreal. All your expectations are met, no matter how complicated they may be.

If, for example, you make new purchases of appliances or furniture and you don’t know how to have them delivered to your home, you don’t have to panic because once you collaborate with Demenaris, all the details will be taken care of for you.

Our company specializes in the delivery of large appliances and heavy furniture when moving to Montreal. Some of the other services our company specializes in are the following:


Packing may seem pretty straightforward, but there’s more to it than just simply putting items in a box. Proper packing involves understanding the structure of packing materials and understanding the physics involved in packing items in a way that maintains the structural integrity of a box.

After all, the point of packing is to get your items to a new location in their original condition. Our goal in offering professional packing services is to guarantee your precious items are kept in perfect condition during transport. We do this so meticulously; our moving company Montreal guarantees it!

Our Montreal movers go through a diligent training procedure where they are trained on various brands of furniture and educated on how to properly disassemble each piece.

Taking furniture apart is just the start. Once disassembled, our Montreal movers wrap the furniture in blankets, pads, and plastic wrap to protect the finish of each piece.

Done incorrectly and fine furniture can become dented, causing permanent damage to the pieces. Our Montreal movers are very serious about ensuring your items are properly cared for during the moving process.

When your furniture arrives in its new home, our Montreal movers will reassemble each item. Each washer and screw will be returned to its original place.

Our Moving Company Montreal carefully trains each mover to know the skills involved in this delicate task making us the top Montreal movers in the area.

Once the truck is unloaded and all your boxes are safely in their new rooms in your new home, our Montreal movers will unpack your items and put them away. This will be done with care and precision, following the direction of the homeowner.

When you’re all settled in at your new place, our moving company Montreal won’t just walk away and leave a mess for you to deal with.

We remove all packing materials and trash left over from the move. Our Montreal movers will leave your home spotless so you can focus on enjoying your new home.

When moving to Montreal, we have specialized movers who are professional piano movers and pool table movers.

There are many things to know about moving a piano or pool table that makes it nearly impossible for an amateur to move it without causing significant damage.

Our movers have years of experience moving both of these large, specialized items. We can even replace the table felt for your pool table if needed. Just another reason to contact the top moving company Montreal!

Our moving company Montreal always puts our customers first, and we don’t just want to move your things; we want to make your life easier when you hire us while moving to Montreal.

Every employee of Demenaris treats each of our customers with respect, kindness, and understanding in all situations. All of our movers have proper etiquette, are polite, and will work their hardest to give you the best experience while moving to Montreal.


With our high-end equipment, furniture installation tools, and heavy-duty movers, you will be fully satisfied with the broad range of services we offer to our customers who are moving to Montreal.

For example, if you want to opt for storage during your move, our company will also offer you its best services at our warehouse facility.

We provide 24/7 protection in our clean and heated warehouse, providing optimal conditions for all types of household or commercial items.

The quality of service provided by Demenaris is second to none, as are our competitive prices. Our moving company Montreal, Demenaris, offers you excellent value for your money on all our services.

There are never any unpleasant surprises, and you always get the best service in relation to the price. Our prices are fair, detailed, and clear from the start. What you see is what you get with our moving company Montreal.

The Assets of Our Moving Company Montreal

The first goal of Demenaris is complete customer satisfaction. To do this, we pull out all the stops to give our customers a superior moving experience.

First, we consistently demonstrate professionalism, and even the smallest details get noticed by our expert Montreal Movers.

In addition, our teams support you with impressive communication skills, dedication, thoroughness, punctuality, concentration, ingenuity, and efficiency, even during after-sales service.

You will feel completely safe moving with the best moving company Montreal (even if it is an emergency or last-minute move).

When it comes to an elite moving company Montreal, Demenaris takes first place. Our Montreal movers have made a career out of moving, and we pride ourselves in providing the very best service for the very best price anywhere in Montreal and surrounding areas.

When you call us for a FREE estimate, you will observe that we offer reasonable prices for high-quality services.

Considerations When Moving to Montreal

When moving to Montreal, there are several factors to consider. When deciding on hiring a moving company from Montreal like Demenaris, you need to ask yourself many questions about the items you need to move.

Finding the answers to these questions will help you decide on the types of services you will need from Montreal movers.

Some questions you should consider when moving to Montreal are the following:

Moving Company Montreal
Moving Company Montreal
How big is your property? Is it a large home with several rooms to move, or a single-room basement suite?
Are most of your household items easily packed up and loaded? Can our Montreal movers get this done in a few hours, or will it take several days?

Do you have oversized or extremely heavy items to be moved? If so, how many? Are there super heavy items like a piano or pool table that may require specialized equipment to get them safely moved?

Our Moving Company Montreal has the ability to move any sized item. We are even professional piano movers who know all the strategies to move these delicate instruments properly.

If so, are they wide or narrow? Is there elevator access? These factors will affect whether our Montreal movers can get easy access to move your belongings to our moving trucks.
What type of terrain will our movers need to maneuver through? Are there outdoor steps, slippery driveways, and obstacles that can trip up our Montreal movers?
Are you moving in autumn or winter or during our busiest time- May through July? These factors can affect pricing when moving to Montreal.

Which of our impressive services do you require? Do you need professional packers to come in and pack up all your items? Do you wish to retain the services of our exceptional furniture assembly team? Do you need storage options when moving to Montreal?

A bonus of working with our Montreal movers is we will personalize your moving experience to meet your expectations and needs, whatever they may be.

These are just some of the questions our moving company Montreal will ask when assessing your move.

If we cannot come out to your location to perform an assessment in person, we will arrange a virtual meeting through Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Google Meet, etc.

We make moving to Montreal as convenient as possible. Our Montreal movers pride ourselves on being incredibly helpful from the start of your moving experience with Demenaris.


Impeccable Handling of Your Personal Items

Depending on the nature of your move, our moving company Montreal can better equip our trucks to suit the specific needs of your move.

Also, the moving equipment we use is of the highest quality. We do everything possible to satisfy our customers and to avoid any inconvenience during the moving process.

Moving Company Montreal

If you have to move from your home to a new one, you don’t have to worry about your precious items getting lost or damaged.

The best moving company Montreal, Demenaris, will send our teams who are skilled in handling all your belongings with great care, from the most fragile to the bulkiest, heaviest items.

Our movers treat all items with utmost care and attention to ensure their safe delivery to their destination. Even if it’s a long-distance move, our moving company Montreal has the necessary equipment and vehicles to guarantee your items arrive safely to their final home.

Once at your destination, your belongings are unpacked, and the furniture assembled (if you want the professionals to take care of it according to the terms of your contract).

Maybe you have a pool table or a grand piano at home; our professional movers can take care of any of your household items regardless of size or complexity.

Our impeccable movers provide the following services in your new home:

Moving Company Montreal

When You Want the Best, You Contact the Best: Demenaris

If you’re seeking a top-tier moving experience, look no further than the best moving company Montreal – Demenaris.

We understand that moving to Montreal can be stressful, but with our commitment to providing exceptional service and our extreme attention to detail, we ensure that your move is nothing short of a luxurious experience.

Our highly trained team of professionals will handle your prized possessions with the utmost care and respect, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition at your new home when moving to Montreal.

When it comes to moving, trust the experts who understand the importance of providing a stress-free moving experience to all our customers. Trust the experts for your next move. Contact Demenaris today – get a FREE quote and let us get you moved!